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10 Longest Running Anime Series That Never Got To Finish Their Story

The current animation fans are used to a 12- or 24-episode format for their anime series. Have a look at these Longest Running Anime Series and enjoy watching them with your friends!

If they’re lucky enough, their favorite show may get a sequel or third season. A couple of decades ago, this wasn’t the case when anime aired episode after episode, which can be seen in shows such as Naruto and Dragon Ball.

But, even though those shows have ended (even though they had a lot of filler shows), There are still shows like One Piece that remains on the air today. There are more anime than One Piece, which has been broadcasting its episodes for nearly fifty years!

Longest Running Anime Series

Other shows older than One Piece have been broadcasting their episodes for almost half a century!

10 Deluxe Da yo! Kaishain: Has Aired 900+ Episodes

This slice-of-life from ONA may be the only show in this list from that post-2000 anime period. The reason it’s capable of accumulating so many episodes in such a short period is that each episode is just 2 minutes in length.

The anime is a remake of the original show of the same title. The plot is pretty basic, and it is about the daily life of a man called Kamoyama who is working as Manager of the Sales Department Z – for shellfish!

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9 One Piece: Has Aired 950+ Episodes

Monkey D. Luffy is a cheeky teenager who is also a pirate, however, an unusual one. He doesn’t loot things or takes over people. He’s the kind of pirate who likes going on adventures and getting to know different people.

Like every other pirate, Luffy has his eyes on the prize of a lifetime, which is One Piece; fortune and wealth are said to be inexhaustible in quantity. In addition, the person who is the first to reach One Piece first gets to One Piece first and also receives the coveted title of Pirate King.

8 Detective Conan: Case Closed: Has Aired 1,000+ Episodes

7-year-old Shinichi Kudou first appeared on TV on January 8, 1996. There, he was arrested by criminals and handed the experimental substance. When he looked up again, he was stunned to find out that he had his body resembled that of a seven-year-old boy!

Invincible, he utilized his skills and knowledge to establish an identity new to him, using his newly-created identity to investigate various cases of criminality and even find an answer to the mysterious illness that he was suffering from.

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7 Crayon Shin-Chan: Has Aired 1,000+ Episodes

Shinnosuke Nohara, more popularly called Shin-chan, is a five-year-old boy who lives a remarkable life. Shin-chan has been through everything from sumo wrestling to the cause of love to ignoring the promise he made to his family and friends!

The narrative and plots are unpredictable and always focus on the adventures of an unruly boy, along with the other people around him, including his school teachers, friends, and even college students!

6 Doraemon (2005): Has Aired 1,100+ Episodes


This is one name even non-anime lovers could recognize due to Doraemon’s popularity. The plot revolves around a blue-colored robot from the future and informs Nobita Nobi of his next generation’s imminent death. The team is determined to make things perfect for the future generations of Nobita Nobi.

To the dismay of Doraemon, Nobita has been deemed the laziest and dumbest student in his class. None of Doraemon’s futuristic gadgets can aid Nobita in improving the image of his character!

5 Little Miss Maruko: Has Aired 1,200+ Episodes

The first episode of the series first aired in 1992 and was picked up again in 1995. The show follows the story of an otaku girl called Momoko Sakura, who has earned the name “Chibi” (meaning tiny) due to her diminutive size.

She’s got a lot on her plate with everything she is dealing with at school (her eccentric classmates and teachers who are strict students, student committee members, and so on) and the constant drama she must deal with at home.

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4 Sore Ike! Anpanman: Has Aired 1,500+ Episodes

Anpanman is an exceptional superhero because he was born after the Star of Life caused anpan (a Japanese dish) to appear! In addition to helping Anpanman combat evil and keep criminals out of the way, he also helps those who are hungry and in need whenever he meets them.

This is a fun and light-hearted show with a large variety of characters. This anime should be highly recommended for enjoying an enjoyable, relaxed, and laidback.

3 Ojarumaru: Has Aired 1,800+ Episodes

The children’s show is set around 1000 years ago, during the Heian period, when Ojarumaru stumbles upon a magical object and gets transported to present-day Japan. In shock and disorientated, Ojarumaru’s first encounter is with a sweet little boy named Kazuma.

Because of Ojarumaru’s efforts, the teen can discover much about this exciting and exciting world. And slowly, but with great success, it is also possible to make great friends throughout the process.

2 Nintama Rantarou: Has Aired 2,200+ Episodes

Rantarou is an aspiring young ninja always accompanied by two fellow ninjas in training who are Shine (the cheeky boy who’s the source of humor) and Kirimaru (a young man who is obsessed with the sounds of cash).

If the boys are around, they can take on anything and everything, except for the thing they’re supposed to be doing: train to become strong ninjas! They are always involved in a tense situation or other, following which they then have to spend the remainder of their time trying to make it out of those awkward situations and not get hurt.

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1 Mrs. Sazae: Has Aired 7,000+ Episodes

Since the first episode was that aired in 1969, there’s not a surprise that the show has aired many episodes. It has been able to get a spot on the Guinness World Records for being the longest-running series ever.

The story centers around a married woman, known only by her name Mrs. Sazae, and is an anime adaptation of a traditional Japanese “family” program. It’s packed with everyday things that take place in Mrs. Sazae’s world and is the kind of show you can easily watch with the entire family.

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