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Love Death and Robots NFT Collection

Netflix will launch a Love, Death, and Robots collection to celebrate the launch of Season 3. Also, Netflix has launched the new Love Death and Robots NFT Collection!!

The streaming giant launched a new scavenger hunt, allowing fans to claim QR codes that will allow them to get digital crypto merch.

These QR codes can be found on billboards, social media, and even the show itself. These QR codes will allow users to purchase merch in digital collectibles or NFTs. Let’s take a look at this new NFT Project.

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The Love, Death, and Robots NFT collection

Netflix launched NFTs for its animated series Love, Death, and Robots to improve digital communications.

Users will need to find QR codes for accessing the 9 NFT variations.

Each QR code is unique and will direct users to unlock Volume 3 episodes in the form of a digital collectible.

These QR codes, described as a digital scavenger hunt unique in their own right, will be hidden on billboards and LDR social handles. They will then be available for users to find, scan, and hunt.

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After scanning the QR code, users will be redirected to a website that will reveal the NFT associated with that QR code.

Users will also choose whether they want to mint the NFT or save the image by right-clicking on it. If users choose to mint the NFT, they will need to pay gas fees.

The creators and Netflix have assured viewers that they won’t make any money off this collection. It stated in an FAQ that “This is all art and you, the fans.”

NFT QR codes for Love, Death, and Robots

Only three of the 9 QR codes required to access these NFTs in Season 3 were discovered when this article was written. These are:

  • The Very Pulse of the Machine
  • Three Robots Have Exit Strategies
  • Jibaro

The NFTs can be viewed on the website as well as on OpenSea.

Fans are still seeking these codes, and more of them will be unlocked as time goes on.

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