Mafs Reunion Spoilers

Mafs Reunion Spoilers ahead!!! A few spoilers are floating around the internet regarding Season 14 of MAFS.

This weekend, the reunion episode was shot in Los Angeles. Although not much is known about the episode, there are some spoilers. Continue reading to learn more. Warning! Warning!

MAFS Season 14 Reunion filmed in Los Angeles.

Fans are shocked at how much they like the cast of Married At First SightSeason 14. Many consider them to be the worst cast in franchise history. One marriage was destroyed long before the decision day. Chris Collette decided the day and said that he was done having a relationship with Alyssa Elliottman. He informed Alyssa and Pastor Cal that he wanted a divorce.

Instagram account MAFSfan is great at sharing spoilers with fans as soon as they are known. This account was the one that recorded the reunion episode in Los Angeles last weekend. What is known about the reunion?

A fan managed to snap a photo of Katina, Olajuwon, and Jasmina at an airport. After the special reunion taping, they returned to Boston by plane. A fan reported that Olajuwon and Katina appeared to be very close. Jasmine wasn’t with Michael, and she was not wearing a wedding ring.

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Predictions for Mafs Season 14

Many rumors circulate about who got divorced and who stayed together. It doesn’t look good at all for Jasmina or Michael. Fans were divided on who was right or wrong during the arguments. Some took Michael’s side, while others took her side. It is difficult to predict how things will turn out between them. If the photo taken at the airport shows otherwise, they may not be together.

The current status of the other partners is unknown. These are just speculations. MAFS fan said that Lindsey was happy to remain together on the day of their decision. Unconfirmed reports suggest they may not be together at the moment.

The same goes for Steve and Noi. According to reports, they decided to remain married on their wedding day. They reportedly decided to stay married on their wedding day. However, rumors suggest that they didn’t manage to make it work. Today they are not together. Many believed they were the couple with the best chance of succeeding.

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What do you think of these couples? Are you convinced that Jasmina is the one and only Michael?

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