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Making Payments Disbursements | Easy Way Out

It’s more than just about cutting costs. Changes in how you pay can have a significant impact.

Pinnacle can help you maximize your money’s use and control your cash flow. Pinnacle offers treasury management services that can help you control cash flow and protect against fraud. All this is done with the best technology and local support. Here’s how.


Making Payments Disbursements

Electronic Billing (ACH)

  • You can reduce check processing costs and simplify reconciliation by electronically paying employees, vendors, and taxes. ACH can also be used to make direct deposits, pay bills, and many other uses.

Wire transfers

  • Pinnacle is able to assist you with international and domestic wire transfers into or out of your company. These are usually used when large amounts of money need to be transferred quickly between banks.

HTML3_ Accounts Payable Automation

  • AP teams often rely upon manual processes, which create inefficiency, increase expenses, and cause inefficiency. Pinnacle’s Payables Solution simplifies these manual processes and transforms them into a digital program for the execution of end-to-end payments.
  • Positive Pay is an option for you if you need to use a bank check. You can use it to automate your daily reconciliation and add extra protection from fraud by creating digital copies of every check. We keep these digital copies on file. These digital copies can be used to reconcile and verify your account at the end.
  • You can make it easier to manage your payday with direct deposit or outsource it completely. Direct deposit lets you manage your entire payroll in one place instead of multiple checks. Outsourcing allows you to focus on the growth of your business by having someone else handle it.

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  • Online Banking can pay virtually anyone who would normally send a check. It is faster and offers more control over payment approval, creation, and review.
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