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Mdex Crypto Facts | Everything About Mdex Tokens!

The guide provides information on Index, the most efficient method to establish cross-chain compatibility between the leading chains and create a DEX ecosystem. Learn more about its advantages here. Explore more Mdex Crypto Facts below!

Mdex ( MDX) is the decentralized exchange (DEX) platform based on Heco, Huobi’s exchange blockchain. It is strategically placed as the ideal choice for eco-friendly token transactions and the most extensive defi ecosystem with three features: DEX, IMO, and DAO integration.

It also offers two mining mechanisms for transaction and liquidity for the users. In addition, Mdex ensures a secured transaction process and guarantees liquidity. Its goal is to build cross-chain compatibility between the top chains, resulting in a unified DEX ecosystem.

Let’s read more Mdex Crypto Facts and understand the MDX tokens closely!

Mdex Crypto Facts – History of Mdex

In the last quarter of 2017, Nate Flanders and Anant Handa co-founded Mandala as a groundbreaking cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange based on blockchain technology. It also served as an important catalyst for the market and the driver behind massive adoption. By SEC regulations, Mandala is the name given to the project. The mandala project was developed to simplify how digital assets are exchanged through an easy-to-use interface. They also plan to address security issues by providing an exchange-integrated hardware wallet.

The web was awestruck by Mdex’s launch Mandala Exchange project, Mdex, on January 6, 2021. It was open for trading and liquidity two weeks following, precisely on January 19. The Mdex project was received with a positive reaction according to the estimated valuation of $275 million and the volume of transactions of $521 million in the daily liquidity. After three weeks of its introduction, the volume of transactions per day exceeded $1 billion.

In Feb., Mdex reached new achievements in terms of liquidity and single-day transactions surpassing $2 billion and $1 billion in the same month, respectively. Its Boardroom mechanism was announced the same month, and it was also when the MDEX eco-fund, which is worth $15 million on MDEX, was created. In February, towards the end, CoinMarketCap ranked Mdex first in the global DEX rankings. It was responsible for 53.48 percent of the total DEX transaction volume. The daily volume of transactions amounted to an astounding $5 billion.

In March of this year, the record was notable. Mdex TVL and the cumulative value of burned and repurchased MDEX tokens increased by $10 and $100 million. In the same month, the daily volume of transactions was initially $2.5 billion. In February, it went up to $2.2, and its TVL surpassed $2.3 billion. The month also saw the introduction of MDEX version 2.

MDEX was introduced on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. It was launched on April 8 to enable mining of one currency, assets that cross-chain trading, and liquidity mining. MDEX TVL exceeded USD 1.5 million within two hours of its launch on BSC.

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Key Tech Features of Mdex

Mdex protocol is a unique protocol with many attributes that make it different.

  • Automated Market Maker (AMM). It is the Automatic Market Maker, MDEX aids companies in creating and launching their applications at high speed. It provides an appropriate platform to support this procedure.
  • The dual mining system. Mdex Platform is based on a dualized mining technology that guarantees a secure transaction and a reliable process. The idea of depositing the funds in all forms enhances trading, which results in growth in the Automated market maker’s liquidity process. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to the exchange of MDEX token coins into different coins or cash.
  • Fundraising. Mdex Platform is also utilized to raise funds. It is the Mdex IMO platform that facilitates the fundraising process.
  • Quick and inexpensive transactions at a low cost and speed. The Mdex protocol provides quick transactions and lower fees compared with Ethereum ( ETH) and integrates it with the “Binance smart” chain or the compatibility for smart contractors. In the 2.0 Version, Mdex has improved platform features. It provides its users with a quicker, secure, safer, and user-friendly platform. An efficient trading system that is at no cost at all.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Mdex operates a DAO structure and utilizes its token MDX to ensure governance. MDX holders can propose the idea of listing their tokens through the process of voting or collateralizing. It’s an open DAO system with clear rules and rules that members can control. Participation is open to all within the system.
  • Mdex Platform provides a variety of incentive mechanisms like listings, pools of LP, and pairs. Mdex Official Medium keeps users informed of new pools, new rewards mechanisms, and the most recent details about the Platform.
  • Trading Mining. One of the coolest aspects of Mdex is its distinctive Trading Mining option. The new trading protocol awards users with every trade they make. These rewards can drive greater trades on the DEX and result in greater liquidity and increased trading possibilities.

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Mdex (MDX) Token

MDX is the crypto token used by Mdex that is highly regarded for its uniqueness and the success of the blockchains upon which the project is being run. The token is mineable and traded. It’s a global supply of one billion. Blocks appear every 3 seconds, based on the HECO chain, with rewards for blocks of up to 80 MDX for each block. The halving process occurs every six months. The majority of the total token in circulation, is used for transactions and liquidity mining via Heco.

Additionally, rewards for team members for development and operations accounts are 10 percent. Additionally, the remainder of the tokens available is distributed among users in the form of early investors’ shares to ensure that there is enough money and resources. It is also utilized for marketing and branding, receiving 7% and 3%, respectively.

MDX Use Cases

Alongside representing holders’ rights, MDX has some practical use cases. A few of the possible uses are:

  • Governance. MDEX is a community-led, decentralized project. The community takes major decisions that affect the project. MDX holders are part of the governance of the community through the vote to decide on ratios of fees for transactions, review other rules essential to the project and take the best way to accomplish this through the repurchase or destruction.
  • Standard Fundraising Tokens. MDX could also be used as a standard fundraising token via the HT-IMO protocol based within the MDEX Platform. This is like using ETH in ICOs that utilize Ethereum. Ethereum platform.
  • Fee. MDEX has an 0.3 percent transaction fee. Sixty-six percent of the daily fee revenue is divided into two components. 30% is used to repurchase MDX and to burn to boost deflation. The other 70% is used to purchase HT on the secondary market and reward those who pledge MDX. The burning and repurchasing of MDX and the purchase of HT to drop it to MDX pledgers happen each day, with full transparency.
  • Security. MDEX is completely safe. Apart from leveraging top-of-the-line security features, including encryption, the DEX is auditable by FAIRYPROOF, CERTIK, and SLOW MIST. These are the top auditing of blockchain security.

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Advantages of Mdex

Mdex Platform is one of a kind and performs superiorly to SushiSwap (SUSHI) in addition to UniSwap (UNI) on the ETH blockchain. The users of the platform profit from the following advantages:

  • Fast transaction speed. The speed of transactions with MDEX is much higher than with Uniswap. The Mdex Platform is built on the Heco chain, which can confirm transactions in a brief time of just 3 seconds. In contrast with Uniswap, which takes a longer time, Mdex has no delays.
  • Transaction fees are extremely low. The cost of a transaction for transactions on Mdex is 0.3 percent. It’s similar to Uniswap, which charges 0.3 percent ($3). Mdex Platform lets users extract the amount they spent to earn a transaction fee by mining.
  • Additionally, users can change pools. It is possible to switch pools. MDEX pools system can be adaptable. It lets users migrate between pools.

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Mdex is a reliable platform for trading digitally, providing users with speed, security, lower transaction costs, and other advantages. Multi-chains on Mdex have been proven to be extremely effective. This is why it is the most effective method to achieve cross-chain compatibility between the top chains and create a composite DEX ecosystem.

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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