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Alex Garland’s horror film “Men” is a disaster both as an individual work and as a continuation of his sci-fi explorations of trauma and self-destruction. His new work focuses on a few similar themes and repackages them as folk horror. Thanks to its leading performances and a few visual evocations by Lars von Trier, it was initially successful. Here are Men Movie Spoilers for all the horror movie fans!

It soon takes a literal and thudding approach to even the most abstract and esoteric ideas. It’s a deeply personal piece that feels eerie, but it soon becomes an exercise in self-indulgence.

As Harper, played by Jessie Buckley, sees a man fall through her apartment window, the film opens with a tragedy. Harper later drives to the English countryside, where most of the story takes place. She rents a rustic cabin to escape for a while. Jeffrey, the cabin owner smiles uncannily with his teeth while he shows Harper around.

Harper wanders through the village with its winding woods garland, and Rob Hardy, his cinematographer, creates a haunting atmosphere that infuses paranoia. Harper soon finds that her new surroundings are not what disturbs her but rather the different types of men in the village. Each one is played by Kinnear and has a unique appearance.

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Harper’s interactions with the village residents are a delicate balance between innocent and sinister. This results in a first half in which there is mistrust among men. Through flashbacks, we learn more about Harper and how her traumatizing past continues to affect Harper.

These manifestations include the men of the village, which paint a complex picture of how women are made to feel in a world created and dominated by men.

Garland’s focused societal microcosm has a distinctive theological tone that initially gives hints about its subtext. Although there are many biblical undertones, they are not immediately or explicitly explained.

This sets the scene for the movie’s slippage, even though it contextualizes society structures such as religion and policing to be hostile towards women. These hostilities work immediately when they weave through mundane conversations, despite Kinnear’s appearance as various side characters with ill-fitting wigs.

Let’s just say Kinnear understood his assignment and played the roles of various men to whom Harper seems to be referring. He’s sometimes downright chilling. His role is captivating and a unique piece on gendered traumas that manifest these elements like a charm.

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When men step into more extreme horror territory, the aesthetic elements that were initially so high are quickly re-contextualized to serve a story whose abstracts don’t work when the scenes around it take on a more literal tone. Its metaphors are less effective than their tangible, slasher-Esque chases.

One jump scare is too many for a film that’s better at unnerving you slowly and steadily than at making you feel the same way every time it goes towards its end. The plot is too literal for the haunting imagery, and too much of the Kinnear’s silly looks to stick in your mind. It becomes difficult to take the film seriously in this classic horror movie monster sense.

They are not complemented by distracting, disconnected vignettes or garish lighting. In the end, they serve only to distract from any semblance of building tension. Despite its aesthetic flourishes, the film is very useful. A film where meaning is communicated rather than felt. Where moving pictures, even when they are at their most inventive and visceral, end up serving bullet points about a woman’s perspective and not an artistic extrapolation.

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Men is a folk horror film about gender trauma that quickly crumbles. The film builds tension with brilliant leading performances, but the tension quickly dissipates when its imaginative metaphors are replaced by traditional staging and literal explanations.

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