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15 Interesting Mr. Bean Facts

We’ve collected 15 interesting Mr. Bean facts and his crazy adventures! Find out how many Mr. Bean facts you are aware of and discover more fascinating facts about the character!

If you’re still not familiar with the Mr. Bean, where have you been? Since his debut back in the year 1990 Mr. Bean has been a massive world-wide phenomenon and it’s safe to say that everybody loves the eccentric, ramshackle, character as well as his most beloved friend Teddy.

Here are 15 interesting facts about Mr. Bean and his weird ways! Did you know, for instance Mr. Bean is more than 30 years old? Did you know that he was known as the Mr. Cauliflower? Check out the article to find out the most interesting Mr. Bean facts you did not know, and which were completely unexpected!

Mr. Bean Facts

Mr. Bean Facts

Bean. Bean turned 30 in 2020.

The idea is 30years old, Mr. Bean is a bit older than this! It’s been 30 many years ago since Mr. Bean’s first appearance. As per Rowan Atkinson, who plays the role the role of Mr. Bean, the idea of having an actor who couldn’t speak but only made funny faces was conceived by him while he was trying to come up with an idea fast prior to a performance. He tried out a few facial expressions in the mirror, and then, the idea of Mr. Bean was born.

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The stage was filled with Mr. Bean started on stage

Before he became a famous TV icon and TV icon, the Bean was a teen star who. Bean was tested out before live audiences at shows such as that of the Edinburgh Fringe and Just For Laughs in Montreal, Canada. It’s likely that the character was somewhat popular as he went on to create his own show on TV within a short time!

He was inspired by Jacques Tati

Atkinson claims that he was influenced by a variety of slapstick actors including Jacques Tati, a French actor and comedian who Atkinson was a child watching. Tati was known for his role as Mr. Hulot, who had a hilarious walk along with a pipe and bicycle. Another source of inspiration was the other French actor, Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther series, played by Peter Sellars, who was equally inept and bumbling.

He was the star of the 2012 Olympics

It was a memorable ceremony. British Olympics of 2012 Olympics inaugural ceremony is memorable due to a variety of reasons. It included James Bond, the queen parachuting into the air an inflatable speedboat, a story of Britain and a remembrance of the NHS. However, the majority of people will recall Mr. Bean’s performance as the pianist of the orchestra playing Chariots of Fire. In the scene Mr. Bean gets bored of the only note he can play and sleeps, thinking of himself running like in the movie.

His first name is Mr.

In the past there have been many who have thought about who Mr. Bean’s initial name could be. However, he doesn’t say the name, of course, and we can only guess that his initials are Bean. The keen-eyed viewers have observed the fact that when his passport is glanced at it has his first name! And the name? Mr. In other words Mr. Bean. Or perhaps Mr. Mr. Bean? You may also be aware that he has his birthday with Rowan Atkinson.

He tried several different names.

Mr. Bean wasn’t always named Mr. Bean. Atkinson experimented with a number of alternatives before choosing the one we have all come to are familiar with and are awed by. The character of Mr. Bean was going to be named ‘Mr. Cauliflower’, or perhaps Mr. White’. We’re not certain what prompted him to choose to name his vegetable after it but we all agree that Mr. Bean is the one which works the best!

It’s well-known all over the world.

Mr. Bean is popular in Britain however it’s more popular in the world, being broadcast across nearly 200 countries as well as selling massive quantities worldwide. The reason for his success is probably his fact that all of his comedy takes place in the physical and not spoken. This means that it doesn’t need to be translated and the jokes don’t get lost in the process. It’s been said that Mr. Bean’s all-encompassing language laughter has proven that everyone enjoys a bit of comedy.

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Mr. Bean is the opposite of Rowan Atkinson’s most popular character.

The character of Mr. Bean is the quintessential person who is a clumsy foolish, self-centered and totally unaware of the harm he causes. Strangely enough, he’s almost exactly the opposite of Rowan Atkinson’s most loved role model, Edmund Blackadder. Blackadder is known for being humorous, funny, sharp and cynical. A lot of his humour stems from him being the sole intelligent person present in the theater. It’s funny to think that Atkinson has been able to master both sides in the spectrum in a manner like this!

There are only 14 episodes of this show

It’s a bit crazy that there were only 14 seasons of the show created! Given the long-running nature and popularity of this character quite remarkable, and there has to be something magical in those 14 shows that helped make them unforgettable. Similar to another comedy show, Fawtly Towers, Mr. Bean’s series is so deeply ingrained in our popular culture that we often forget how little of it ever created!

Mr. Bean’s film was a huge success

There was more than only the show on TV. Mr. Bean had two films The first was Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie or Bean: The Movie. In the film the film, Bean is. Bean is a gallery employee of the National Gallery, and obviously it’s not long before things to fail. The film was a huge success with over $250 million in the world. A few critics felt it was a little too long, this hasn’t stopped the film from becoming an iconic film!

It could be that he is an alien

It’s no secret his character. Bean is a very odd character. However, some believe that the reason for his strangeness is because he’s an alien! In the first series, Mr. Bean is being seen dropping from the sky and being sucked back in the sky several occasions and it is believed that he could have been from another dimension the realm of possibility. Rowan Atkinson has even acknowledged this, as well as the fact that there’s something more than just a bit in the character of Mr. Bean. Who can be sure?

He once was on Blind Date

Your parents might be old enough to recall Blind Date, a TV show from the 90s in which contestants would compete to be the first to get having a date with a contestant. The show was hosted by Liverpudlian legend Cilla Black The show was a huge success and in a 1993 special , Comic Relief Mr. Bean is a contestant on the show, battling against fellow bachelor actor and celebrity Alan Cumming. Incredibly, it’s Mr. Bean beats out the more attractive Cumming. The date itself doesn’t go that well , though.

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He’s a cartoonist now

Mr. Bean found new life in 2002 thanks to an all-new animated show. Like the one that preceded it was, follows the adventures of Mr. Bean and his everyday adventures. Mr. Bean is still voiced by Rowan Atkinson, although ‘voiced isn’t the proper word for him, since the actor only speaks in mumbles and sounds! The other characters are his gruff landlady as well as the Mr. Bean double called Mr. Pod, and the Queen!

The Mr. Bean has officially retired

Following an Olympic performance in the year 2012,, it was revealed that the character was retired after close to 25 years of appearances as well as appearances in films and movies. Rowan Atkinson has said that the older he becomes, the more odd Mr. Bean’s behavior becomes and he’s no longer up for the same amount of slapstick or comical physical acts as he once be! Mr. Bean has made only one appearance since then however in an Red Nose Day sketch and an Chinese film and you never know, perhaps there is further appearances by Mr. Bean in future!

The best friend of Teddy is Teddy

The Mr. Bean wouldn’t be seen without Teddy the beloved best friend and occasionally a victim. While the Mr. Bean claims to love Teddy but his behavior towards his friend isn’t always the best and often ends in sustaining injuries! The first Teddy was donated to a Teddy bear museum following the show was finished filming however, when the museum shut down in 2008, he was auctioned off at auction for PS180. We’re thinking that’s rather too low for a character like Teddy!

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