Must Read Mio Nutrition Facts

Mio is vital to drink enough water to maintain overall health and well-being (1Trusted source). Also read Mio Nutrition Facts here!

But, not everyone likes the taste or lack thereof of water that is plain. They might look for alternative ways to boost their fluid intake.

Enhancing water-quality products, such as MiO are now popular due to their ability to enhance the flavor of water without any calories, sugars or even calories.

This article we will explain what MiO is what it is, how it’s used and whether it’s beneficial for your health.

Mio Nutrition Facts – What exactly is MiO?

MiO is a water enhancer that is manufactured through Kraft Heinz. Kraft Heinz food company (2 3, 3).

As per the brand, “mio” could be translated into Spanish and Italian to refer to “mine.” In the words of the company it embodies the ability of consumers to alter their water into whatever they would like it to be.

MiO is the first water enhancer of its kind. It is available in a variety of flavors and comes with four lines of products (2):

MiO Original

MiO Vitamins

MiO Electrolytes

MiO Energy

All products are kosher, and vegetarian-friendly. They’re also free of caffeine, with the exception of MiO Energy. MiO Energy line.

MiO is a water-based liquid enhancer that is manufactured through the Kraft Heinz food company. It’s vegetarian and kosher and is available in a variety of flavors and four lines of products.

What exactly is MiO composed of?

Four of three MiO product categories — Electrolytes Energy, Vitamins and Energyclaim to provide 10 percent of your daily requirements of B3 B6, B6, and B12 (2).

Every product line comes with a variety of flavors. Most of the flavors contain artificial sweeteners Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) as well as sucralose. Two from the 5 flavors of MiO Vitamins. MiO Vitamins range are advertised as “naturally sweetened” by stevia leaf extract (2).

MiO Energy is the only product line with caffeine. It is available in eight different flavors, two of which are coffee and has sixty milligrams of caffeine for each serving. All Energy flavors also contain taurine, guarana and Ginseng (2).

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The majority of MiO product lines are non-caffeinated and that are made using artificial sweeteners and are enriched with B3 and B6 as well as B12. In addition, the MiO Energy product line contains 60 mg of caffeine in each serving, as well as the combination of taurine Guarana, and ginseng.

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What are the uses?

It’s estimated that 16-28% adults suffer from dehydration The older age group is more susceptible (1Trusted source).

Dehydration is often linked to chronic diseases , and could result in a decrease in physical and cognitive performance. Dehydration that is severe can cause hospitalization, which is why it’s vital to keep hydrated (1Trusted source).

If you are struggling to drink enough water, the flavor enhancer MiO could help you drink more water daily.

Each bottle of MiO has only 1.62 grams (48 milliliters) however it provides 10-24 servings, based on the specific product.

Here’s a brief guide on the best way to use this product: utilized:

Serving size. The MiO serving is half a teaspoon (2 milliliters) and is a flavoring for 8 eight ounces (237 milliliters) from water.

It is diluted. It’s an concentrated liquid that is designed to enhance the taste of water. Therefore, it must be dilute and not drink straight from the bottle.

Mix it. Mix any of MiO flavors. Mix them together. MiO flavors however you want but don’t mix them with alcohol.

MiO must be used within 30 days of opening. MiO does not require to be stored in a refrigerator, so you can take MiO with you anywhere you go.

Storage. Make sure to keep it out of your vehicle as excessive temperatures can alter the quality. In the same way, MiO shouldn’t be frozen by itself, even though the company suggests you can create MiO-flavored frozen ice cubes.

Travel. It is equipped with the ability to seal off spills with an audio double-click claims to be secure and easy to travel with. MiO can be carried on planes, but it could spill because of the pressure of air during flight.

Recycling. The bottle can be recycled, using #7 plastics.

MiO will help to get more fluid. It’s a concentrated liquid which must be dilute by water. Do not drink directly out of the bottle. Instead, store it in vehicles or freezers. Drink the bottle within 30 days from opening.

Flavors and calories

MiO is not calorie-laden, which means you’ll be able to drink it without having to worry about calories that are too high or weight increase.

The MiO products come in many flavors to choose from including lemonade and black cherries from the Original line to iced Java and Acai berry from the Energy line (2).

To discover your preferred flavor to try, you can purchase various packs in specific online stores. In this way, you have the chance to test different flavors and save some cash.


A non-calorie, low-cost water enhancer such as MiO can boost fluid intake and decrease the risk of becoming dehydrated in certain individuals.

Potentially positives and negatives

Ace-K, sucralose and Stevia leaves — which are the kinds of sweeteners that are used in MiO are all generally regarded as in good health (GRAS) according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Yet, research on how safe they are is still ongoing (4Trusted Source 5Trusted Source).

Ace-K and sucralose

Low and no-calorie sweeteners (LNCS) add the sweetness of drinks and food and drinks without adding calories (4Trusted Source 6Trusted Source).

Incredibly, LNCS sucralose is between 385 and 650 times more sweet than table sugar, also known as sucrose. This means that you only need small amounts to sweeten drinks or food (7Trusted Source).

Despite their sweet and strong taste and lack of calories their use is still controversialas are their environmental and health benefits as well as security are frequently questioned.

In the case of 2020, a review revealed that Ace-K persists in the marine environment for a considerable period of time. It is thought to pose a minimal threat to the aquatic creatures (4Trusted Source).

It’s also important to note that studies in mice have shown that Ace-K led to the weight gain of male mice and also disrupted the microbiome of the gut. It is necessary to conduct further research on humans to determine if Ace-K causes adverse health effects in humans. (8Trusted source).

It was believed at first that artificial sweeteners were not digested by the body, and therefore didn’t increase insulin or blood sugar levels. However, studies on animals and humans have recently shown that sucralose can be partially digested, and it alters the levels of insulin and blood glucose. (9Trusted source).

A small study on mice suggests that sucralose could be an unintentionally mutational. Mutagenic substances can increase the chance of DNA mutations and the development of cancer within your body. But, research that is long-term in humans is necessary to find out if these findings are applicable to us (9Trusted Source 10Trusted Source).


However, Stevia is plant-based. It is extracted and purified from the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant that is indigenous to South America. While it’s 50-350 times sweeter than regular sugar, it’s also not cariogenic, which means it won’t result in teeth loss (11Trusted Source; 12Trusted Source).

Stevia is among the least researched LCN to at this point. It has been found to lower appetite levels but does not elevate glucose levels (13Trusted Source).

It’s also being studied to determine if it has therapeutic benefitssuch as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive properties. However, more studies on humans are required (12Trusted Source 14trusted source).


Ace-K and sucralose found in MiO have been proven to alter levels of insulin and blood sugar and alter the microbiome of the gut. However the sweetener made from plants Stevia could have health advantages.

Do you drink regularly MiO?

If MiO is within your budget and preferences for flavor it could be safe to use frequently.

Based on the latest research, choosing Stevia-sweetened ones could carry the least risk. This is due to the health risks of other artificial sweeteners that are used – -Ace-K and sucraloseare still being studied.

If you are trying to decide if MiO would be suitable for you and if you are able to drink it every day your general diet and overall health must be considered.

But, remember that using MiO isn’t necessary. The use of this product is not the best way to boost your intake of water.


MiO is probably suitable for daily consumption but it should not be your primary choice for water hydration.


There are numerous ways to natural enhance the flavor of water without using any synthetic sweeteners or colors or preservatives, such as MiO.

For instance, try sparkling water, or herb and fruit infusions. If you decide to make fruit infusions, allow the ingredients sit for around 4 hours.

Here are some suggestions on how to add flavor to your water:

lemon or lime slices, accompanied by basil leaves

Apple and cinnamon sticks

Lemongrass and cucumbers

Vanilla bean extract or vanilla

Pineapple and berries


There are numerous natural methods to enhance the taste of water that do not contain chemicals or caffeine. Consider infusing water with fruit and herbs to create a delicious alternative to ordinary water.

The most important thing is the bottom line

MiO can be described as a concentrated liquid designed to flavor water. It could assist you in drinking plenty of water during the course of your daily routine, without adding additional calories or sugars.

The three ranges are caffeine-free as are all kosher, and vegetarian-friendly.

The majority of its products contain artificial sweeteners, namely acesulfame sodium (Ace-K) or sucralose. It is a cause for concern as their environmental security and health benefits into question since these sweeteners remain controversial as food additives.

The bottom line is that whether or not you pick MiO is your choice. Keep in mind that there are other alternatives such as fruits and herbs that do not contain sugar and preservatives.

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