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Night Sky Spoilers | Night Sky Finale Ending!

If you’re reading the article after watching The Night Sky’s final episode, your screen may be blurred due to all the tears you’ve shed. Irene and Franklin’s story of love is one for the whole family, and the notion of that final scene is enough to cause you to want to give all hope in love.

Thankfully the Yorks triumph over the odds and make it through this season’s first episode of Night Sky. But can we ever find answers to all the final episode’s questions? That will depend on if the viewers give Irene and Franklin the respect they merit in Prime Video.

However, there’s a lot to be figured out after the cosmos-spanning finale, which is where we step into. Here are the Night Sky Spoilers for you!

Night Sky Ending Explained

Following two different series for the bulk of the season, things were brought to a head in the final episode as Toni, Stella, and the extremely irritating man stumbled upon Jude and swarmed the Franklins at their home.

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Thankfully, the whole thing went smoothly because Franklin’s courage and Irene simply being awesome. However, with this triumph was a new type of hurt, as Jude eventually decides to quit his “caretaking” task to pursue seeking his father.

Before departing, Jude shares one last poignant exchange with Irene and Irene, “I thought that you were a great mother” then we wept a bit when Denise said that she would like to go away with Jude.

Irene and Franklin get a little anxious at first, which is normal, but their granddaughter is determined, and they quickly accept the new norm. Mostly. “If anything happens to her, I’ll swear to God …” Franklin will tell Jude, and, honestly, we’ll know it.

Jude’s goal is to utilize the address in the book of his father to travel to completely new places with the help of the chamber. The location of this may be nobody knows. After they’re gone, the chamber will return to the original world, which the Yorks have visited hundreds of times. This means that they won’t be able to track their daughter wherever she’ll be.

In the meantime, Toni and Stella relax unintentionally since the cult has been determined to hunt them despite keeping the “bargaining chip” inside the van’s rear. The van crashes, and before the couple can get back on their feet, that mysterious woman, who seems to have known Jude’s father, appears with two henchmen who have put bags on their heads.

“Well, hello, Cornelius,” she says. “Do I remember you?”

To Cornelius, Cornelius responds, “I never forget an Apostate.”

That means that this woman is exactly like Jude, at least, in the eyes of their faith. If the standard definition of the word is accepted, then she has left the cult just as Jude, but she is also a person with plenty of ability to support this. In reality, this “Apostate” may be as powerful as the power of the cult, creating another group of power in the universe.

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“We’re planning to enjoy a lot of fun, just like me and you,” she tells Cornelius. “Welcome to the world of the dead. …”

This is the last time we’ll see them as we move on to the next section of this “Fallen World,” which is revealed in Thailand. Bangkok in particular. That’s the story Jude says to Denise when they enter the sliding doors thrown at them by the chamber.

Is it just us, or does this particular version of Thailand appear a little more futuristic than normal? We’re not saying it. However, we would not be shocked if the chamber could move people through time and space.

More details on that to come…

Then we go back to the core of the story, Irene and Franklin, just after Franklin’s revelation that Byron is missing and may be dead. While Irene is impressed with the spacesuit, she made herself Franklin has created and is not a bit smug about Byron, she’s not as impressed with Franklin’s plan to venture out by herself onto the planet’s surface in search of answers.

It’s a tight but very painful end. The couple doesn’t want to think that they’ve reached the end of their journey. However, survival doesn’t seem likely. “Please don’t end your conversation or quote a poem. I’m already a bit stressed,” says Franklin. Irene responds, Irene responds, “I believe in you, Franklin. I have always believed in you.”

While he is on the outside, Franklin encounters a random coffee table, and later the man Jude was killed by flashbacks as he fled. Then things begin to get dire, as Franklin’s oxygen levels have dropped faster than he had anticipated.

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While the radio fades in and goes out, Irene struggles to understand Franklin saying goodbye as his body falls to the floor. “I have all of the stars in my view,” he whispers in his final moments… when suddenly Irene arrives before him and removes his headgear. She’s breathing well without any suit, and so is Franklin as of right now.

There’s oxygen in this weird and alien landscape, which means that the suit nearly killed him at the end. This is also the reason Jude was outside in a bear suit earlier. It’s not because he’s an alien, but rather as we initially thought.

What is this odd area? What odds will their chamber bring them to Franklins to a livable planet like this? If we’re living on another planet, what if this is in the distant future or an era not yet here?

This would surely explain what happens next. A few minutes later, Irene spots something strange in the distance. So they swerve around until they come across a human-looking town tucked away within the distance. Although the massive, curved walls surrounding it appear strange, the town itself could have been plucked from Earth. Bells from churches, described as church bells, are heard from a distance.

There are no people visible at this point. However, it is safe to conclude that it was built by humans in the first place, regardless of whether this is on another planet or completely different.

The way the Night Sky’s finale will set the stage for season two

If we were an idea, I’d propose that humans discovered chamber technology a long time ago, possibly abandoned by aliens, and utilized it to travel around the world and create a new civilization. Since the cult is aware of the chambers, not to mention the Guardians they use to keep their secrets, This could be their headquarters.

Jude likely lived in the area before falling under the cult’s influence, and this is how he came upon the York chamber after the escape.

There are a few questions that remain. How do humans breathe in this place? Do you think Irene talks to Franklin by using her brain? What do those walls mean? Who lives there? And, of course, where is Byron?

We think Byron remains alive in that town, maybe kept in captivity. The most important issue is if the Yorks chamber was that close, how came Irene and Franklin did not see the shadow of anyone else around for all those years? Has someone likely been passing by perhaps even tried to use the chamber for their use?

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Whether this is going to be clarified or just a huge plot gap remains to be determined. There’s plenty more to the story in addition to the one with Irene or Franklin.

Their daughter is likely to not be secure with Jude for many years. Surely, Toni and Stella will come back, possibly with an even bigger conflict brewing between those who are currently and previous participants of the group…

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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