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What Services Does Norstrat Offer? There Main Purpose, Major Focus, Priority, Networking Partners, Location, Process for Clients.

Introduction to NORSTRAT Consulting:


Norstrat Consulting Inc is a consulting company that has gained a lot of recognition in recent times. The company was founded with the sole aim to assist clients, with a clear focus and goals in integrating different aspects. The features and components typically come derived from the Canadian Northern approach to improve and boost conversion sales.

The firm’s management is and overseen through Lee Carson, who is an experienced and successful magnate in this field. Carson has been recognized and well-known as a member of the defence and aerospace communities in Canada. He is passionate about the area, and his dedication to everything adds to it. It is evident in his consulting company as well as the strategies that he employs in it.

In the case of Norstrat consulting, their vision is based on innovations and challenges the most. Their goal is to be convinced that the entire strategy is accountable to be a representation of Canada’s essential and complex program. This program is not only engaging, but it’s it is also the most focused that has been developed in 21 century. In addition, there are many roles it permits clients to take part within this program. Certain aspects are recognized the most, while others are more popular over time. An overview of the most well-known elements is provided given below.

  • Federal Focused Crown Procurement tracking
  • Arctic and Maritime domain expansion subject experience
  • A fervent passion for every Artistic Aspect.

What’s the primary reason for Norstrat?


Every time, it is asked many times what Norstrat does. Simply put, the main goal of the company is to help clients create a needed northern structure. This is especially beneficial for clients who have assets or business objectives to increase conversions. This structure allows them to create parts that are part of Canada’s Northern Strategy perfectly implemented within their existing infrastructure. They do this by constantly sharing information and adapting their strategies to the requirements of the client.

What is the Major Focus of Nordstrom?

The main area of focus for the company is on significant infrastructure projects and entirely funded by the government. Although it could also include federal initiatives too, however, the primary focus is on the same. This includes satellites transport, defence, telecommunications and social structures. Additionally, the investment schemes also cover housing as well as similar initiatives, among others.

What’s the Process Norstrat Uses for the Clients?

The procedure is carried out by helping the client in the entire northern strategy of the government and the opportunities. In this way, they are assisting their client in identifying and getting access to the most critical stakeholders and their tasks.

There are numerous ways to do this task, including sharing information from domains on crucial questions. It could also provide new opportunities for developing more efficient Northern infrastructure. Additionally, the benefits of experts in bidding to win and managing infrastructure development projects is essential aspect.

The entire packages are included in the box they offer, and they also customize it to meet the needs of each needing client. Clients are free to talk about all the details prior to deciding on the best package for their consultation.

Where is Norstrat Located and Where it Operates From?


Since its inception, Norstrat has been based in Ottawa and has shared a space with other departments within the federal government and other agencies. The primary responsibility of the company lies in the regions that comprise Northern Canada and jurisdictions overseeing. They are close to the headquarters of the national representing body ITK.

It is the organization that protects the essential rights and concerns of Inuit throughout Canada. In addition, Ottawa is also well-served by continuous air connections to the northern regions. From their Ottawa office, they can serve their clients across the world and sometimes globally.

What is Norstrat Priority?

The year 1885 witnessed the total population of Canada represented as well as a challenging infrastructure project by the Federal government. It was a part of Canada beginning from the East towards the west, and it was slow to progress.

Now they are focusing upon the Southern and Northern areas of infrastructure to ensure the most significant expansion. But this time, the main focus is not on a railroad rather a collection of projects to improve the infrastructure. Each of them is essential to develop as well as the security of the Northern regions. Norstrat’s primary mission is to provide clients with next-level projects.

How Much Networking Partners Does Norstrat Has?

It is a Northern strategy that is extremely deep and varied, with a variety of ways to tackle disciplinary issues. Every assignment is specific and tailored to the needs of the individual the best. They have a broad team of consultants and professionals to help with the challenges. Their experts are top of the line to provide you with the help you require.

Norstrat’s Expertise in This Area

Norstrat has acquired a diverse variety of skills over a period of. A few of the most notable are listed below.

Subject Matter Objectives

  • After a successful application, I joined the Victoria Strait Expedition in 2014.
  • Authorized the significant sections for Canada’s Northern Strategy. Conference Papers and Presentations
  • The company has expanded the company’s Northern Travel and Networks

Northern System Building Objectives

  • It was successfully developed into the BAPS Iceberg Tracking System.
  • Created IDIAS Ocean Ice Mapping device. IDIAS Ocean Ice Mapping device.
  • MCOIN III Recognized MCOIN III Recognized Photo System was also a great success.
  • Radarsat II Arctic Surveillance is taking into consideration the most accurate of its research projects.
  • AIS-Space Arctic Marine survey and Motion Tracking developed
  • The mission was assigned to being responsible for the Radarsat Constellation Mission and completed the mission successfully.

Business Growth Expertise

  • The success of the project has surpassed $200 million to the Federal Government.
  • Innovative and effective campaign strategies.
  • The all-encompassing proposal, as well as bid administration.

Project Management Expertise

From ARCS to innovative projects, they were tasked with and achieved numerous project management goals in recent expeditions.

Focused Capital Project Expertise

  • The vessel has been successful in its mission. Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
  • Radarsat II complete.
  • The Radarsat Constellation Mission was successfully completed.

What Services Does Norstrat Offer?

Norstrat Consulting Inc. allows its clients a wide range of advice as well as support for the requirements of its clients. A few of these are listed below.

  • They offer strategic advice for every Northern Strategy campaign strategy.
  • It allows the subject matter to be experienced extensively.
  • It simplifies the process of beginning to build on the Northern Strategy
  • Ultimately assists with the definition of projects.
  • Business Memoranda and Closing appropriately.
  • Effectively defines operational requirements.
  • They offer a comprehensive description of the Procurement Strategy.
  • Their services are responsible for the capture of bids and bid support efficiently.


He. Carson has gained over $200 million from the federal Canada government through Canada contracts. This knowledge is sure to be helpful to anyone who is starting out in these projects of infrastructure.

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