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Octordle Answer Today 134 June 7, 2022 – Hints and Solutions (6/7/22)

Here’s the answer and some clues to solve today’s Octordle. Find out Octordle answer today for June 7, 2022, below!

Octordle is a challenging game where players must identify eight five-letter words with only thirteen options! The game is similar to Wordle in that there aren’t any clues that can help you figure out the words. However, after you’ve guessed the word, the tiles will change color.

The color will indicate whether you correctly identified the letters and whether they’re in the proper order. There isn’t a right or wrong way to play the game; however, we suggest trying to figure out words that utilize most of the alphabet in the alphabet with as few guesses as you can. This will help you identify which letters are used in each word, and you can answer the questions quickly and effectively.

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Since this puzzle can be difficult, We have a few suggestions to assist you when you’re struggling, and all of them are listed below.

Octordle 134 Words Hints Today (June 7, 2022)

Hint 1: There is a in word 5 only.
Hint 2: There is a Kin word 1 only.
Hint 3: There is a P in word 2 only.
Hint 4: There is an in words 3 and 8.
Hint 5: There is a repeated letter in word 3 only.
Hint 6: There is a double letter in word 4 only.
Hint 7: Here are the starting letters of each word:

  • Word 1: G
  • Word 2: W
  • Word 3: T
  • Word 4: E
  • Word 5: A
  • Word 6: S
  • Word 7: T
  • Word 8: G

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Hint 8: Here is a little description or clue for all of the words:

  • Word 1: A nocturnal and often highly vocal lizard that has adhesive pads on the feet to assist in climbing on smooth surfaces. It is widespread in warm regions.
  • Word 2: A puppy.
  • Word 3: Showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened.
  • Word 4: A feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.
  • Word 5: Another word for aunt.
  • Word 6: The direction towards the point of the horizon 90° clockwise from the east, or the point on the horizon itself.
  • Word 7: Land or territory.
  • Word 8: The complete range or scope of something.

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What is the Octordle 134 Answer Today? (6/7/22)

Here are all of the answers for Octordle 134 released today on June 7th, 2022:

  • Word 1: GECKO
  • Word 2: WHELP
  • Word 3: TIMID
  • Word 4: ENNUI
  • Word 5: AUNTY
  • Word 6: SOUTH
  • Word 7: TERRA
  • Word 8: GAMUT

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