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Today’s “Octordle” 128 June 1, 2022 Answers Hints and Solution (06/01/22).

Looking for hints to solve Octordle answer today? Here is the answer to the Octordle words #128 today.

HTML3_is a challenging game where players have to guess eight five-letter words simultaneously while only having thirteen guesses. It functions in a similar way to Wordle, except that you don’t have any clues. However, once you guess a word, the tiles change color.

The colors will tell you whether you correctly guessed the letters and in what order. There are no right or wrong ways to play the game. However, we recommend that you try to think of words that contain most letters of the alphabet with as few guesses as possible. This will allow you to quickly identify the letters in each word and help you solve them efficiently.

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How to Play Octordle?

This puzzle is difficult, so we have some tips to help you. All of these hints can be found below.

Octordle 128 Words Hints Today (June 1, 2022)

These are the clues that we have today for the eight words Octordle 128.

Hint 1: In words 3, 4, and 8, there is a Y.

Hint 2: In words 2 and 5, there is a C.

Hint 3: In word 7, there is an X.

Hint 4: In words 3 and 6, there is a B.

Hint 5: There is a repeat letter in words 5 and 8.

Hint 6: Only in word 4 is there a double letter.

Hint 7: These are the beginning letters for each word.

  • Word 1: K
  • Word 2: W
  • Word 3: D
  • Word 4: F
  • Word 5: O
  • Word 6: A
  • Word 7: E
  • Word 8: M

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Hint 8: This is a brief description of or clue to all the words.

  • Word 1: A knife fixed to a handle and used for cutting or using as a weapon.
  • Word 2: Feel a little involuntary grinning or shrinking of your body to relieve pain or distress.
  • Word 3: A three-year-old horse race that is held annually. It was established in 1780.
  • Word 4: Imprudence; lack of good judgment.
  • Word 5: A group consisting of eight people or objects.
  • Word 6: Concerning.
  • Word 7: A state in which one is barred from their native country. This can be for political or punitive purposes.
  • Word 8: Dark, gloomy, particularly due to thick mist.

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What is the Octordle 128 Answer Today? (06/01/22)

These are the answers to Octordle 128 as of June 1, 2022.

  • Word 1: KNIFE
  • Word 2: WINCH
  • Word 3: DERBY
  • Word 4: FOLLY
  • Word 5: OCTET
  • Word 6: A ABOUT
  • Word 7: EXILE
  • Word 8: MURKY

Below is an example of how I came up with the words:

Daily Octordle 128 Answer: June 1, 2022.

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Congratulations if you could obtain all or some of the Octordle words.

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