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Manga Chapter One Piece 1054 Spoilers:

The Final Saga of ‘One Piece’ Has a Start Date. But Don’t Panic! Yet!

It reveals a lot about how loved a show is when, 25 years later, the creators announced the conclusion of the series, and everybody is freaking out. F out. This is, in fact, the current state of the One Piece online. Even for anime enthusiasts like me (I’m involved in Dressrosa on the Manga! It’s in the works!), Wano is a crescendo that the entire story the characters in One Piece has been building towards.

The smell of the sea air has changed. The conclusion has been in sight. Eiichiro Oda made a statement a few weeks ago that the end of the series is on its way. But it was all hit different today, as it was announced that the final chapter of One Piece would start on July 25, 2022, and begin with chapter 1054.


On the evening of June 8, Japan time (it was seven in the east U.S.) It was the night that there was a live-streamed broadcast through the official One Piece YouTube channel, with lots of information.

Megumi Tanaka (the voice of Luffy and a treasured international star) and Kappei Yamaguchi (the voice of Usopp) were the hosts, and most stories were about the film’s upcoming release, One Piece Red. The movie doesn’t include English subtitles (yet).

However, an excellent summary has been made available by the fans’ website, Library of Ohara. The whole thing was thrilling, for sure.

However, they saved some major information for the final chapter, which was the date for the start of the final chapter and a book of sketches of Oda known as “The Road to Laugh Tale.” If you’re unaware, Laugh Tale is the island on which The One Piece is. So.

The name alone is enough to make me weep a bit. The new poster for the promotion was made available (pictured above) that reads “Saishuu show”E” –.” It translates to “Towards the final chapter.” Now I’m crying. Even the Oda-drawn poster to promote One Piece Red–which could be a bit off from the canon? What do they say? “Red hair leads to the finale.”

Oda has a kind of “boy who cried wolf” storyline that has him declaring that the show One Piece will likely end. One Piece is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Over those more than 25 years, Oda altered the final goal post so often that Crunchyroll has just released an entire article about it.

The tone of the “warnings” has changed in the past year. Wano feels like propulsion to a conclusion. Additionally, in a Japanese advertisement in the newspaper this year, which commemorated the One Piece‘s 1,000th episode, Oda warned more soberly than usual that the end was near.

A few days back (time isn’t real), Oda announced that he was taking off for a month after concluding the Wano storyline. According to his announcement, Oda declared that he would take time off, at least in part, to work on the story’s finale. The announcement generated a lot of excitement in the fandom. However, there’s something special about having an official deadline. It’s a clear signpost to the ending.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the entire world started to freak out. The response and the sheer amount of One Piece news were so overwhelming that a prominent One Piece YouTuber Rogersbase hosted his own “emergency Livestream.” (I’ll post a link below. Be aware that there are spoilers, at least in the small pieces I saw, at the final moments of Wano. But I didn’t notice any spoilers that that One Piece Twitter hadn’t already spoilt for me.)

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