One Piece Fillers To Skip

One Piece has been on the air for almost a year. It is based on a manga that’s nearly as long as the anime and is still in its infancy. It currently has nearly 1,000 episodes. This is quite a number, even for long-running shonen anime. Here are One Piece Fillers To Skip and jump straight to the main episode.

Surprisingly One Piece is different from other series in that although there are many episodes, only 99 episodes can be considered filler. This means that only 10% of the episodes are filler. Even if you skip all the filler arcs, this series will still offer hundreds of episodes to a new viewer.

One Piece Fillers To Skip

One Piece Fillers To Skip

15 Episodes 54-61 of The Warship Island Arc

This eight-episode filler arc is the first in the series. It occurs after the East Blue Saga and before the Straw Hat Pirates enter the Grand Line. Apis, a young girl, escapes from a military warship. She is saved by the Straw Hat Pirates while floating in the sea. They are trying to return the dragon to its home while also avoiding the military vessel, which may be after it as it could create powerful medicine.

14 Post-Alabasta Arc: Episodes 131-135

The Post-Alabasta Arc is immediately after the Alabasta Arc. This can be easily guessed from its title. The filler arc does not have a single plot, as many filler stories do. Each episode focuses on a different member of Straw Hat Pirates. This episode focuses on each person’s history and goals. Luffy and Nico Robin are not included.

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13 Goat Island Arc Episodes 136-138

The Straw Hat Pirates arrive on the Goat Island Arch to find an island where an old man and his goats live. They hide from Marine ships. The Marines discover them on the island and they fight alongside the old man and his goats. In various games, they also lose their belongings, including their ship, to the old man. Then they win them back.

12 Ruluka Island Arc: Episodes 139-143

The Ruluka Island Arc, like many filler arcs in One Piece, is a chase between Luffy and the Going Merry crew by the Marines. They eventually land on an unorthodox island. The crew eventually lands on Ruluka Island. In this case, an old pirate dictator has been taxing the citizens of the island in order to finance the construction of the Rainbow Tower.

11 G-8 Arc Episodes 196-206

The G-8 Arc is directly after the Sky Island Saga in which Straw Hat Pirates find their way to Sky Island. This island was previously thought to be a myth. Their ship crashes into the ocean, but they land in a heavily fortified Marine base instead of landing in open waters. They must then figure out how they can reclaim the ship and escape.

10 Ocean’s Dream Arc Episodes 220-224

The One Piece Playstation videogame inspired the ocean’s Dream Arc. Robin and everyone else on board the ship is left without any memories of the Straw Hat Pirates. The crew is confused and feels threatened by each other. Slowly, they realize that they had all dreamed about a boy underwater blowing an instrument and that he is responsible for their memory loss.

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9 Foxy’s Return Arc Episodes 225-226

Foxy and Porche, his crew, are floating on an ocean-going boat. Luffy spots them from the Going Merry and takes them aboard until they find their ship.

Foxy must fight another captain to reclaim control of the ship and his boat.

8 Episodes 326-335 of Ice Hunter Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates come across a crew aboard a ship that is in serious danger and decide to help. The crew on the ship are actually bounty hunters. They have been part of the Phoenix Pirates, but were defeated in the New World and added to the Accino ranks. They are out to get the Straw Hat Pirates’ bounties and have created a trap to capture them.

7 Spa Island Arc Episodes 382-384

One Piece is not an anime without a spa episode. The Straw Hat Pirates stop at Spa Island to enjoy many recreational activities. They break up to have fun and meet Lina, a young girl from Japan. Lina is hiding a notebook she has kept a secret. Foxy and his crew arrive, both very interested in the notebook and attack to try and get it.

6 Little East Blue Arc Episodes 426-429

The Little East Blue Arc, a four-episode series that leads directly to the One Piece Film: Strong World, is the Little East Blue Arc. The Straw Hat Pirates are found on an island that is almost identical to East Blue, from where many of them come. They are enjoying themselves and are attacked by Amigo Pirates. This leads to a battle between Luffy, the Amigo Pirates, and Largo’s leader.

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5 Z’s Ambition Arc Episodes 575-578

After the time skip, the Z’s Ambition Arc was the first One Piece arc. These episodes serve as the set-up for One Piece Film Z. The Straw Hat Pirates are making their way into New World when they suddenly find themselves surrounded by a fleet of Marine ships. However, they discover that it is just a mirage due to the Maubeugemour Sea, well-known for its strange weather.

4 Caesar Retrieval Arc: Episodes 626-628

This arc is about Caesar Clown’s kidnapping by the Straw Hat Pirates aboard their ship, The Thousand Sunny.

Many parties, including the Straw Hat Pirates, are involved in the story, who want Caesar to be captured. Caesar is kidnapped from their ship by a mysterious individual. Each party seeks to use Caesar’s scientific skills for a different purpose.

3 Silver Mine Arc Episodes 747-750

Another filler arc, the Silver Mine Arc, occurs as a lead-up to a movie, in this instance, One Piece Film: Gold. The Silver Mine Alliance kidnaps Monkey and Bartolomeo and holds them captive in a fortress in the pirates’ silver mine. To escape, they must work their way through the mine fighting pirates along the way.

2 Marine Rookie Arc: Episodes 780-782

Luffy has used up all the food that the Sanji Retrieval Team was able to provide. They are now starving and have run out of food. They break into a Marine base to replenish their food supply. They attack and knock unconscious Marines in order to steal their uniforms. Once they are disguised, they enter to raid the food stores. Luffy’s greed only leads to them being caught.

1 Cidre Guild Arc: Episodes 895-896

Another filler arc, the Cidre Guild Arc, is tied directly to One Piece: Stampede. Luffy left Thousand Sunny to buy colas for his ship. The Cidre Guild is a group made up of bounty hunters who were on the Straw Hat Pirates’ tail. They run the factory from which he can get the cola. Boa Hancock is also on his route and they face off against the bounty hunter together.

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