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Polar bears are brilliantly white, seal-feeding the arctic’s explorations! They are skilled swimmers, and snow strutters and appear particularly soft and fuzzy. They appear adorable from a distance, but they are in reality predators and aren’t so cuddly as they seem! Have a read at these fun POLAR BEAR FACTS!

Luckily, humans and polar bears seldom come in contact. They live in the Arctic circle and spend most of their time on the glaciers. They love hunting for seals and also finding other polar bears with whom to raise bear cubs.

There’s a lot to know about these amazing bears! These ten amazing facts are more fascinating than the snow they reside on!


1. POLAR BEARS have black skin!

We imagine them as bright White creatures who blend with the snowy surroundings. However, they’re actually black under their fur! Polar bears appear white since their fur is transparent and reflects the light. The fur of the polar bear is, actually in fact, black!

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2. POLAR BEARS EXPECT as much as a small CAR

What is the average Polar bear weigh? Polar bears are among the most massive bears in the world! Polar bears that are adults could weigh up to 600 kg (and reach up to 3 meters tall when standing on their hind feet)! That’s a huge bear!


The arctic bears were born on land, but spend most of their lives on the ice. They wander around on the arctic ice, searching for seals to feed. They search for seals by watching for gaps in the ice that let seals return to the surface for air. It is natural for bears to be on the ice since it’s where their food of choice is.

4. POLAR BEARS Is a threat to the population.

Yes. The ice these bears are accustomed to calling home is melting because of the changing climate. Rising sea temperatures have caused the melting of their ice habitat, leaving them vulnerable.


Polar bears are excellent swimmers, and are very adept also walking! They have huge feet up to 30cm in width with bumpy footpads that help them hold onto the cold floor. The big grippy paws indicate that they can travel as much as 3000 km per month and have homes that are larger than the entire state of California!

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They’re also hungry! Their stomachs can accommodate 10-20 percent or more of body weight, and an average bear could consume 2kg of fat just one day! This is the reason seal the major portion in their food. Seals are a very energy-rich food, and supply bears ample fat, which keeps them warm during cold weather.


The baby polar bears are known as cubs. Cubs were born into snow dens created by mothers. The mother digs through snow to create a nestled and safe space for the birth of her cubs. Mothers take a break and rest in their den during the brutal Arctic winters, and then wait for to give birth to her babies.

8. BABY POLAR BEARS ARE INSIDE their snow dens for three months

Polar bear moms generally spend two months in her den before the baby cubs arrive. When her cubs are born, they’ll grow rapidly but will not venture out into the world outside until around three months later. They’ll begin with brief trips and eventually quit the den as they are accustomed to the cold temperatures outdoors and can survive and hunt for frozen ice.


Pizzly bears are the hybrid of a grizzly and a polar bear. They are not common, however, their they are increasing in numbers. Polar bears are forced to relocate to the land during the summer months because the climate is changing and melting their homesteads. That means that Polar bears are stranded in the same areas as grizzly bears. Pizzly bears sport dark brown fur. They also have the narrow and pointed snouts like a polar bear, and the large, bulky shoulders of the grizzly bear.

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10. POLAR BEARS are classified as marine mammals!

They spend a lot of their time in the frozen ice in the Arctic Ocean which they are considered marine mammals. It is the sole bears that consider a marine mammal. Another reason why they are extremely distinctive!

Polar bears are magnificent creatures whose existence is in danger because of the effects of the global climate catastrophe. We all can do our part to combat climate change and protect the amazing wildlife of the arctic like the Polar bear. If you’re looking to find out where these incredible creatures are, take a look at this awesome Polar bear tracker! It’s great to see the areas they roam and educate yourself on the special bear.

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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