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How Covid Made Instacart A $18 Billion Company | Profile Instacart Apoorva Mehta

Instacart has a new chief executive officer. Apoorva, the founder, has been leading the grocery delivery startup for more than a decade. Fidji SIMO, a board member, has taken over the role of executive chairman. This comes as investors look to make an initial offer for the company, possibly before the end.

Mehta, who started working with Simo in January 2021, said that the idea of Simo running the company was never on her mind. I won’t pretend that this was an easy decision. This was an extremely difficult decision. Instacart has been my life work. The decision was made easy when I realized that it would be a better decision for our future business.

Fidji Simo (left), who will become Instacart CEO and founder Apoorva Meshta will transition to executive chairman.


Mehta, an ex-Amazon engineer, invented Instacart when he was just 24 years old. His only possession in his Bay Area fridge at the time was a Sriracha bottle. Instacart was founded by Mehta, an ex-Amazon engineer who started shopping and delivered via Uber. Mehta managed to get Instacart back on track after the company’s largest customer, Whole Foods, was acquired by Amazon.

Instacart is now shipping from more than 55,000 stores in over 5,500 U.S. towns. The company’s value is $39 billion. Mehta has a net worth of $3.5 Billion . Forbes quoted Mehta as saying that his recent success was just a way for him to look further ahead. This is a repeat of what he said earlier this year to Forbes, “I’m playing 20-year games.”

Simo, now the CEO of Facebook’s flagship app, was recently hailed as a member of the company’s 2019 “new guard”. She is now an integral part of that future. Simo is a French-born immigrant who joined Facebook in 2012.

Since then, she has managed the monetization efforts of the social media platform through web advertising via its News Feed and videos as well as games. Simo’s focus will be on Instacart’s advertising department, which launched in 2019, and generated $1.5 billion in revenue.


“The ROI is already there for advertisers. Simo states that people have an advertising product within their cart, which is the ultimate in advertising. “A lot is what I want to accomplish, which is add more advertising formats and scale that as fast as possible.”

Instacart 36-year old shopper prepares for fulfillment of an order at a Giant grocery in Washington, D.C., in April 2020.THE WASHINGTON POST VIA GETTY IMAGES

The board member quickly became close to her, and they often spoke on the telephone to resolve a problem. These phone calls became more frequent and longer over the course of seven months. Five months into the conversation Simo indicated that she may be interested in leaving Facebook.

Mehta, who was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2015, said that he quit his job and drove three hours to her Carmel home. Simo recalls the 9 p.m. meeting as a spur-of–the-moment event. My husband joked that I was the most involved board member ever when I was on these daily calls. It was gradual.

Mehta said that the shakeup was entirely his idea, and not forced on him by investors. Instacart is now a leader with over a decade’s experience in a publicly traded technology company. 

Facebook has recently been facing antitrust suits from government regulators as well as other political scandals which have embroiled Mark Zuckerberg, a billionaire founder, in a cloud over its control and reach over the personal information of its users.


It is a theme Mehta is familiar with. Instacart’s success hinges on maintaining the trust of 100 grocers. Without them, Mehta’s delivery app would be useless. Simo is promoted to the top because Instacart’s aggressiveness in the advertising space has caused a delicate balance to be upset.

Simo said that “I was very satisfied in my role and not considering any other, but life happens”, two years ago when he was featured as the executive responsible for rebuilding trust in Facebook. “I had no choice but to accept it. It felt like an amazing adventure to embark on.”

500m linkedin

A report from Cyber News states that data from over 500 million LinkedIn users have been scraped. The data is now available for purchase online. Insider was told by a spokesperson from LinkedIn that the company has a database of public information.

Insider received a statement from a spokesperson from LinkedIn stating that while we are still investigating the issue, the published dataset appears to include publicly visible information that was scraped by LinkedIn and data aggregated from other sites or companies. “Scraping LinkedIn member’s data is against our terms of service. We are working constantly to protect our members.

LinkedIn has 740 million users, according to its website. The reported data scraping of 500,000,000 users could mean that about two-thirds (or more) of LinkedIn’s user base may be affected.

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