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7 Cool PUBG Mobile Facts that Show the Game’s Popularity

It is safe to say that PUBG Mobile has created a buzz. Mobile gaming has been a huge success since its debut in 2018. New game modes, royale pass seasons, tournaments, and many other features are available. Read amazing PUBG Mobile Facts here!

The game celebrated its second-anniversary last week. During that time, PUBG Mobile reached many amazing milestones. The company shared some amazing facts about the game. Here are seven cool facts about PUBG Mobile that will show you how popular this game is.

PUBG Mobile Facts

1. Downloads and Active Users

Over the past two years, PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 600 million times. This is over 800,000. Downloads are made every day. It boasts 50 million active players every day.

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2. The Walking Dead…

PUBG Mobile’s “Zombie Mode” apparently saw players kill 10.5 million zombies. This is more than the 7.7 billion population as of today. 1.05 Billion players were also infected and became zombies.

3. Team Deathmatch is an absolute firefight

What is the average number of enemies you kill in a team deathmatch? How many bullets can you fire? PUBG Mobile recorded a total of 5.4 trillion shots in Team Deathmatch mode.

In 2019, Team Deathmatch saw the deaths of 119.2 Billion players!

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4. RPG-7 wasn’t the most used weapon in Payload

This one surprised me. I often die in Payload when someone shoots at me with an RPG-7. However, according to PUBG, the M79 grenade-launcher is the most common weapon in Payload mode. The MGL is not even close. Whatever.

5. RageGear Mode: What It Did and How It Made It Work

Personally, RageGear was not my favorite mode in PUBG. It turns out that a lot of you did like RageGear in PUBG. Using this model, a staggering 7.9 Billion vehicles were converted into scrap metal.

Also, did you know what happened to all those vehicles-turned-into-scrap-metal things? Continue reading.

6. The RageGear Scrap Metal was used to build amusement parks.

Amusement parks in PUBG mobile are great fun. There are some classic arcade games, an incredible set of weapons, and some intense gunfights. I have only survived two of these, but that’s not the point.

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It turns out that the RageGear mode’s scrap metal was used to build the amusement parks. Since there is no connection between them, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s lore. So enjoy.

7. Get Your Stats!

These stats can be viewed online and interesting tidbits regarding your experience with PUBG Mobile. Go to the “Weekly Sign In” page and then to the “2nd Anniversary Recap. This will display information such as your most-used weapons, damage done, and the deaths you have suffered (mine are mostly playing one, lol). It also lists your best teammates. This information is a lot of fun, so check it out!

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