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Rbh Sound A-815 Review

The A-815 is the ideal choice for in-ceiling applications where full-range performance is required while keeping budget in check. With its flush-trim mounting design, the 8-inch poly graphite cone-woofer and 1-inch-swivel tweeter provide clarity, precision, and improved bass performance. Accessories may be purchased for this product from the list below. You can also visit our Accessories page to view our speaker accessories.

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Rbh Sound A-815 Review – Features

  • Install your dog legs quickly and easily with the pre-started screw system.
  • Protect the tweeter with polyswitch protection circuitry
  • Dual sound contour switch allows for the customisation of the tweeter and woofer output levels for any room.
  • For drivers integration, steeply acoustic-slope crossovers are used.
  • Paintable grilles can be used to hide your in-ceiling speakers.
  • Installation template.

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The A-815D combines performance and convenience with a dual-channel design. Dual 1-inch swivel and voice coils deliver high quality stereo sound and fidelity in a single, easy-to install, flush trim design. The A-815D can be used in rooms or locations that require both left- and right-channel stereo sound. You can find all the Architectural Series.

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