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Sedecordle Answer Today June 7, 2022, #114 Answer – 16 Word Game Hints, and Solutions (6/7/22)

Ready to solve the Sedecordle puzzle today? These are some clues and answers to the Sedecordle words #114, released today, on June 7, 2022.

Sedecordle, a relatively new game, is based on the same idea as Wordle and Octordle. Instead of guessing one, two, four, or eight words, players must guess 16 words simultaneously. However, you do have 21 chances to think of all the words.

The game’s rules are identical except that the words can be any American English language word, and there are no initial clues. Once you make a guess, it will be counted as a guess for all 16 words. The tiles will also change in color. It can change colors to grey, yellow, or green. This will let you know if the correct letter was guessed and if it has been correctly placed in the Word.

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This game can be very difficult, so we have provided some tips and answers to help you solve it.

Sedecordle 114 Words Hints Today (June 7, 2022)

These clues are for the 16 words in Sedecordle 114 today.

Hint 1: Here are the starting letters of each word:

  • Word 1: B
  • Word 2: B
  • Word 3: S
  • Word 4: S
  • Word 5: P
  • Word 6: C
  • Word 7: H
  • Word 8: T
  • Word 9: T
  • Word 10: F
  • Word 11: B
  • Word 12: P
  • Word 13: U
  • Word 14: P
  • Word 15: P
  • Word 16: F

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Hint 2: Here is a little description or clue for all of the words:

  • Word 1: A grooved ring holding the cover of a watch face or other instrument in position.
  • Word 2: Perform or undergo the first part of (an action or activity).
  • Word 3: Have a strong unpleasant smell.
  • Word 4: A simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle.
  • Word 5: A bagpipe player.
  • Word 6: Causing or meant to cause laughter.
  • Word 7: The women occupying a harem; the wives (or concubines) of a polygamous man.
  • Word 8: A strong ringing sound such as that made by the plucked string of a musical instrument or a released bowstring.
  • Word 9: A formal examination of evidence by a judge, typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings.
  • Word 10: The rough silk enveloping a silkworm’s cocoon.
  • Word 11: An intensive or sudden military attack.
  • Word 12: Having a pouting expression or appearance.
  • Word 13: In, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.
  • Word 14: An image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface.
  • Word 15: A smooth cream of liquidized or crushed fruit or vegetables.
  • Word 16: A non-standard spelling of fellow, used in representing speech in various dialects.

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What is the Sedecordle 114 Answer Today? (June 7th, 2022)

Here are all of the answers for Sedecordle 114 released today on June 7th, 2022:

  • Word 1: BEZEL
  • Word 2: BEGIN
  • Word 3: STINK
  • Word 4: SALVO
  • Word 5: PIPER
  • Word 6: COMIC
  • Word 7: HAREM
  • Word 8: TWANG
  • Word 9: TRIAL
  • Word 10: FLOSS
  • Word 11: BLITZ
  • Word 12: POUTY
  • Word 13: URBAN
  • Word 14: PHOTO
  • Word 15: PUREE
  • Word 16: FELLA

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