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Today’s “Sedecordle” 108 June 1, 2022 Answers 16 Word Game Hints, and Solutions (6/1/22)

These are the answers to the Sedecordle words #108 today. They were released June 1, 2022 .

This new game uses the same concept as Wordle, Dordle, and Quordle. Instead of guessing one, two, four, or eight words, this game requires players to guess 16 words simultaneously. However, you do have 21 chances to guess all the words.

The game’s rules are identical except that the words can be any American English language word and there are no initial clues. Once you make a guess, it will be counted as a guess for all 16 words. The tiles will also change in color. It can change colors to grey, yellow, or green. This will let you know if the correct letter was guessed and if it has been correctly placed in the word.

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How To Play Sedecordle

This game can be very difficult, so we have provided some tips and answers to help you solve it.

Sedecordle 108 Words Hints Today (June 1, 2022)

These are the clues we have to all 16 words of Sedecordle108 today.

Hint 1: These are the beginning letters for each word.

1: Here are the starting letters of each word:

  • Word 1: B
  • Word 2: Q
  • Word 3: W
  • Word 4: U
  • Word 5: M
  • Word 6: S
  • Word 7: P
  • Word 8: D
  • Word 9: A
  • Word 10: S
  • Word 11: Q
  • Word 12: R
  • Word 13: S
  • Word 14: S
  • Word 15: E
  • Word 16: S

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Hint 2: This is a brief description of or clue to all the words.

  • Word 1: (Of hair), yellow or pale yellow.
  • Word 2: A female ruler in an independent state, particularly one who inherits the title by birth.
  • Word 3: A person who is of a particular kind.
  • Word 4: Extending, or directly below.
  • Word 5: Someone who works in a mine.
  • Word 6: Maintain an upright posture supported by your feet.
  • Word 7: A small pouch made of plastic or leather that is used to carry money. Usually carried by a woman.
  • Word 8: The fourth letter in the Greek alphabet
  • Word 9: A hard, translucent, fossilized resin made from the Tertiary period’s extinct coniferous trees. It is usually yellowish in color. Since antiquity, it has been used as a jeweler.
  • Word 10: Take the wool (of a sheep or any other animal) off.
  • Word 11: A warm, cushioned bed cover made from padding and fabric. The layers are held in place by lines of stitching. Usually applied in a decorative style.
  • Word 12: A contest or exhibition in which cowboys demonstrate their skills at riding broncos and roping calves.
  • Word 13: In a sorrowful manner.
  • Word 14: Cut or slice, especially abruptly and forcefully.
  • Word 15: When speaking, omit any sound or syllable.
  • Word 16: Direction towards the point of horizon 90 deg clockwise (or the point on horizon itself).

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What is the Sedecordle 108 Answer Today? (June 1, 2022)

These are the answers to Sedecordle108, which was released today, June 1, 2022.

  • Word 1: BLOND
  • Word 2: QUEEN
  • Word 3: WIGHT
  • Word 4: UNDER
  • Word 5: MINER
  • Word 6: STOD
  • Word 7: PURSE
  • Word 8: DELTA
  • Word 9: AMBER
  • Word 10 – SHEAR
  • Word 11: QUILT
  • Word 12: RODO
  • Word 13: SADLY
  • Word 14: SEVER
  • Word 15: ELIDE
  • Word 16: SOUTH

We only have the screenshot of the answers after we solve the puzzle because the grid is so large.

Daily Sedecordle 108 Answer – June 1, 2022

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Congratulations if you could correctly guess any or all of these words!

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