Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers | Stranger Things Spoilers Alert!

Stranger Things 4 is just two weeks ahead, while the advertising for the next season has begun to get underway. Here are the Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers to tell you what is going to happen next, in advance!

From the official posters that were released in February. 17 2022, through the full-length trailer, which was released in April. 14, there’s plenty to look for in clues and hints about the new seasons.

But, some photos taken from the Stranger Things Monopoly game are being circulated on social media, revealing some important plot details.

Eleven willfully returns in time to Hawkins National Laboratory in ‘Stranger Things 4.’

In the Stranger Things 4 trailer, Eleven sports a shaved head in several scenes. The actress was also wearing the same dress when entering the sensory deprivation tank from season 1. The fans immediately believed that Eleven was taken back to a government laboratory in the past. Still, the majority believed that Brenner or another criminal government agent had captured her. However, thanks to Stranger Things 4 Monopoly card, we have proof that this isn’t true.

The card shared via Twitter reads, “Eleven is willing to go to a secret lab in the desert to get her superhuman abilities back. The silo lab is the next step.”

Fans have been speculating that the door that was randomly placed in the desert that we were shown during the “Welcome to California” teaser leads to the underground silo. They believed that the silo was where Brenner was able to keep the NINA tank. With this tank, Brenner could utilize it to cause Eleven to go back in the Void and then make contact with Upside Down.

It was reported that The Stranger Things 4 teasers previously suggested that Eleven was captured and taken back to the laboratory. It turns out that Eleven is free to go and is a surprise to many.

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Hopper escapes from the Russian prison by riding the snowmobile.

Everyone thought that Chief Jim Hopper eventually escaped the Russian prison in Stranger Things 4. However, we’re not sure anyone could have predicted that he would do it by snowmobile. According to another image published on Twitter, this is what takes place.

The card says, “You overpower a guard, cause an explosion, and then escape to the forest on the snowmobile.” Naturally, there’s no mention of Hopper or anyone else, but who could be escaping from the snow?

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Eddie may not make it to the end in the fourth season of ‘Stranger things.’

The fans continue to anticipate that there will be many people killed during Stranger Things 4. The new Monopoly board indicates Eddie is the one who will walk away from this mortal body. Eddie is a new character who was introduced in this season and performed in the role of Joseph Quinn. Eddie is the leader of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High School’s Dungeon and Dragons club, and, in an intense scene of the game, has a love to play an electric guitar. We’ve seen pictures of Eddie along with the Hawkins group and on the Creel House, and it appears that the guitarist plays an important part in saving the other children.

The other card of the Stranger Things 4 Monopoly game reads, “Your courageous pal Eddie gets his guitar to create a crowd of Demobats to elude Vecna’s abode.”

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It’s not to prove that Eddie defeats in the battle against Demobats; however, it does suggest that Eddie is willing to sacrifice himself to help others.

Thankfully, we’ll only have a couple of weeks until all our questions are addressed. Stranger Things 4 will premiere on May 27, 2022.

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