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Summer of Adventure | Cave Facts

Caves and caves! It’s time to don your helmet, light your torch, and begin exploring!

The Summer of Adventure, and it’s time to get out and explore! We’ve collected some fascinating cave facts that will bring your mouth watering for cave exploration fun! Crystal caves, Salt caves, Ice caves, treasure caves – it’s much more than just a hole in the ground!

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Cave Facts | Are you looking To Go Spelunking?

I heard you! Spelunking is a term used to describe cave exploration! Caves are underground, deep areas that have been formed naturally within the earth. To go into a cave, you’ll require a few essentials, such as a torch and raincoat, sturdy boots and snacks, as well as your smartphone along with gloves, notebook and camera. Have fun!

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The largest cave in the world

Son Doong in Vietnam is believed to be the biggest cave on earth, at least in volume. It is home to an internal river that flows through it with waterfalls, bats and waterfalls and even a cave! Make sure to bring your canoe!

The deepest cavern in the entire world

The deepest cave on earth is believed to be Veryovkina Cave in Georgia, which is a country that lies situated between Europe as well as Asia. It’s 2212 meters deep, and many have perished in exploring the cave! Perhaps you should do not go there?

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Cave paintings

Caves are often amazing locations to discover old artefacts, like the Lascaux paintings from France that depict Palaeolithic pictures of animals as well as people as well as those of the Magura cave paintings of Bulgaria that show a variety of characters that could have been painted as long into the distant past of 10,000 years! There are some important rules to keep in mind when viewing cave paintings. Don’t utilize the flash feature on your camera as it could damage the paintings as well as cause damage to the artwork. Also, don’t touch them!

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What are stalagmites, stalagmites or Stalactites?

It’s often confusing. What is which? The answer is that stalagmites are upwards-pointing mounds made of mineral deposits. On the other hand, the stalactite is a suspended form created by drops from mineralized waters. Keep an eye out for them and ensure they don’t strike you. This could be helpful: stalaCtites hold TIGHT to the ceiling, stalaGmites remain grounded. Helpful? No? Watch out, look around, okay?!

Cool cave crabs

Caves aren’t just fun to see, but they’re also home to remarkable creatures. For example, in caves of the Canary Islands, there’s a unique kind known as a white crab, which can’t exist in any other location! The reason they’re white is that they’ve never seen sunlight! It’s fair to say that you’d also be pretty pale in the absence of sun! Don’t be scared by visiting them; simply take a look and note of just how awesome they appear!

Underwater caves

The most dangerous kind of cave is the underwater cave. And not just are they beneath the ground; they’re also underwater, which means that in the event of a cave becoming stuck, it’s a challenge to exit! If you’re going to go cave diving, be sure you bring an oxygen tank as well as a friend!

Man-made caves

Man-made caves can be called grottos in Victorian and Georgian Britain. Wealthy people often built such caves to enhance their appearance attractively. They would often hire an older man there as an esoteric hermit! It’s unlikely that you could convince your parents to pay to live in your garden! A few caves to go to within the UK are the Shell Grotto located in Margate, the Grotto in Pontypool, Wales, and The Hermitage in the Carshalton House in London.

Crystal Caves

One of the most impressive caves in crystal caves, filled with sparkling and semi-precious stones, gems and sometimes even gold! It can take thousands of years to develop, and some are massive! Some of the most well-known crystal caves are Cave of the Crystals in Mexico, and contains gigantic crystals three times as massive as the human body! Bring a guidebook for gemstones to help you determine the crystals you can see!

Treasure cave

It’s not surprising that you could discover an item of value while exploring a cave. One cave worth looking into can be found in the Old Spanish Treasure Cave in Arkansas, USA. There is a legend that Spanish explorers left a treasure in the cave over a hundred years ago. Although it’s not yet found, the cave is still visited by people every year for an inspection! If you’re looking for treasure, make sure you have a metal detector with you, cameras, as well as a trowel for digging. Have fun!

Salt caves

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, you can’t miss The Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, Poland. The salt mines have been transformed into caves, rooms, caverns, and even a chapel made completely out of salt! The mines have been in operation for a long time, and at that point, statues, rooms, chandeliers have been made entirely from salt extracted from the mines! Don’t touch it while you’re there…it will probably not taste good.

Holy caves

Caves have been a part of legends and stories for many centuries. It’s no surprise that certain religions view them as sacred places filled with wonder and miracles. The most well-known sacred caves are St. Paul’s Grotto in Malta, St Michael’s shrine in Italy, along Dambulla Cave in Sri Lanka. If you go to the holy cave, make sure to respect the sacredness of the place!

UK Caves

The good news is that you needn’t travel far to find a great cave! In the UK, there are many wonderful caves that you can explore, such as Wooky Hole in Somerset, Fingal’s Cave in Scotland (Which has inspired music composer Mendelsohn), and the caves in Cheddar Gorge. Be sure to have a torch, a notebook, sturdy shoes, and an umbrella – it’s likely to get quite wet in there!

Ice Caves

Caves aren’t all constructed of rocks. Some caves are composed entirely of Ice! Ice caves can appear gorgeous because they reflect light rather than taking it in, creating stunning patterns. A few of the stunning Ice caves are Dobsinska Ice Cave, Dobsina, Slovakia, Big Four Ice Caves, Mount Rainier, USA. Be careful! Ice caves are susceptible to snow avalanches and other snow hazards!

Lost caves

The best news for explorations out there is that there are thousands of caves unexplored all around the globe! You may be the one who discovers the next cave that is cool! Best of luck!

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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