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Survey Facebook Dec Jan Markup | Top Facebook Updates!

Survey of more than 2,200 Facebook users between Dec.-Jan. The survey revealed that 330+ were flagged for posts on controversial issues, such as the 2020’s presidential election, but the “false” label was added only 12 times (The Markup).

Top Facebook Updates You Can’t-Miss (May 2022 Edition)

We’re halfway through the year. Many social media marketers are beginning to notice the effects of their strategies at the start of the year. And it’s the perfect time to review. Knowing the latest tools and features implemented for Facebook and Instagram over the past few months will allow you to maintain your plan in the right direction.

Let’s look at the primary May 2022 Facebook updates that you should be aware of, and an unintentional peek at the content being evaluated by Instagram and Facebook, too.

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More transparency in ads on political, social, and electoral advertisements

Facebook has been the subject of a lot of controversy over the last couple of years, and transparency regarding political, social, and election-related issues on social media platforms has been an essential subject in public debate. A lot of people began questioning the ethicality of advertisements from these categories, and in particular.

In the end, Meta recently launched the latest methods of transparency for political, social, and election advertisements.

Beginning in July 2022 in July 2022, the Ad Meta Library will contain summaries of the targeting details for these ad types. The information will be available to academic researchers who have been approved. The purpose is to investigate the impact of social media on society (with measures to safeguard users’ privacy in the first place).

The details of the targeted disclosure will include:

  • Demographic information such as gender, age, and interests
  • what percentage of their budgets do they allocate to each demographic they want to reach?
  • whether an advertiser uses audience types that are customized and/or lookalike.


New tools for managing conversations

Live chat is among the most well-known ways for people to connect with companies. Many clients depend on brands that use messaging through social media platforms especially Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to receive immediate help.

In order to understand the importance of direct messages, Meta has been working on new tools for managing conversations for companies. Since May of this year, Meta has introduced new features designed to help manage and monitor conversations for a Facebook Business Page significantly more effectively. Let’s take a look at each.

Streamlined creation of ads that will eventually lead to WhatsApp

Messenger advertisements on Facebook permit businesses to create advertisements that, once clicked, direct users to the company’s WhatsApp account, where they can begin an instant chat.

Facebook is streamlining the design process for this ad type. Shortly, it will be feasible to make ads directly through the WhatsApp Business App, without needing to use the Advertisements Manager system.

While many marketers prefer using Ads Manager for more intricate campaigns, the simple procedure is ideal for those unfamiliar with and scared of Facebook’s sophisticated advertising platform.


WhatsApp messages are arriving in your Meta inbox

Companies using Meta’s Inbox (part of the Meta Business Suite that is available to all Page owners at no cost) can access and manage messages via Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct within this one place. WhatsApp is being integrated into the Inbox too.

Inbox promotional messages to test

Facebook is currently testing a new feature that allows companies to send promotional messages to users who sign up. The text messages are sent via Messenger and contain details about events, products, or deals. Customers are notified and can view advertisements alongside other organic -messages awaiting their inbox.

This feature allows companies to utilize Meta’s inbox to do more than respond to clients. Businesses will be able to reconnect with prospects and perform proactive outreach. In addition, since customers must sign up to receive messages from sponsors The advertising format isn’t likely to be seen as spam.

Expanding lead generation tools and tools for customer acquisition

Meta’s tools have long been a valuable resource in generating leads. Today, the company offers new tools to aid brands in their acquisition efforts.

The new tools are designed to enhance lead generation management from beginning to end, making it easier for brands to create prospects, manage them and turn leads into customers.


They are:

  • The “quote request” option for Instagram. Businesses will be able to add the “Get Quote” button to their profile and use “Get Quote” stickers in Stories. The lead form that can be customized and attached to the buttons and stickers will ask users specific questions to increase the quality of quotes. This feature is currently under testing.
  • Integrations with partners. Lead data from Meta can now be directly downloaded to the CRM you prefer by integrating new partners, making it much simpler for the sales staff to communicate with leads quickly.
  • Flexible and creative through Instant Forms. Instant Forms will be simpler to design and customize with new images and content options. Adding pictures of the products on Instant Forms will likely improve the conversion rate. It can also be used to build awareness of the brand or product.
  • Filtering leads through Instant Forms. Soon, Pages will be able to use the responses to multiple-choice questions in Instant Forms to identify which leads might not be the right fit and filter how they want to.
  • Content that is gated. Before, companies needed to provide users with access to their gated content (like ebooks or webinars) when the lead form had been completed with the help of auto-responders or third-party integrations. Today, companies can design gated content that can be downloaded or accessible directly through the Lead Ad form.

Instagram could begin to hide stories

The social media expert Matt Navarra spotted that Instagram is testing a new layout for Stories. The new layout will hide “excessive” posts, showing only three Stories for each user, unless the user taps a “Show All” prompt.

This concerns a company that has used continuous-play Stories to make money from an enthralled group of users. Ultimately, we might see brands becoming more deliberate with Story upload time and what Stories to forward load to increase CTRs.


Photos and videos that are full-screen tested in the Instagram feed

Director of Instagram Adam Mosseri recently stated recently that “the future of photos and the future of video is mobile-first.”

We’ve seen the results that mobile content that is full-screen and vertical can be used on Instagram Reels, Stories, and TikToks. It’s like normal in-feed Instagram videos and photos could soon follow suit.

The platform is currently testing 9×16 feed images and videos that dominate an all-screen mobile.

Keep an eye on changes in the coming months, and begin revising your calibration to accommodate the new dimensions in your images and videos. Think about getting a new library of infographics for education is likely to be especially beneficial to them.

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