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Survivor Season 43 Release Date, Cast & Teaser!

CBS renewed Survivor TV for its broadcast season 2022-23. Here is a detailed post on Survivor Season 43 Release Date, Cast, and the official teaser!

The contract to keep Survivor on the network has been renewed. This is a good move. Survivor is still a popular, unscripted show on the network. Before this announcement, casting for Survivor Season 43 had already begun.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor. The reality show is shot in Fiji over 26 days. The show featured 18 contestants who competed against each other in three teams to win $1 million and the title Sole Survivor: VATI Tribe(Green), TAKU Tribe(Orange), and IKA Tribes (Blue).

This castaway features Jenny Kim, Chanelle Howard, Lydia Meredith, and Mike Turner.

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About Survivor

Survivor is the number one CBS broadcast program with 7.59million viewers in its fall season. According to CBS, the show received a 199% increase in ratings on streaming platforms and is now Paramount+’s most-streamed reality program.

A group of strangers is isolated and must provide shelter, food, and fire for themselves. They compete in physical challenges like swimming and running. They also have to challenge their mental abilities by participating in endurance and puzzle trials.

The game eliminates contestants gradually until there is only one remaining – Sole Survivor, who wins $1,000,000.

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How to participate in Survivor Season 43

Presenter Ricard Foye urges you to apply for Survivor now that the new season starts. Jeff Probst gives some tips on how to apply for Survivor.

The Survivor must be at least sixteen years old and have the valid United States or Canadian passport. After CBS has expressed interest in them, they will call those who have completed the entire application.

It will be difficult to contact every person because there will be so many applicants via videos. If a person is already Survivor, they should create a new video to apply for future seasons.

Students actors must submit new videos each time they apply for castings.

Survivor Season 43 Release Date

Survivor will be back for a 43rd Season in September 2022. Another surprise is that Amazing Race or Survivor may be paired together.

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Survivor Season 43 Teaser

While you wait for the renewal of Survivor next season, until then enjoy the Survivor season 43 teaser below!

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