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Temptation Island Season 4 Reunion

The reunion of the ” Temptation Island was one for history.

The fourth season of reality dating ended on Wednesday, May 25,

There were many emotions, broken hearts, new relationships, and even an engagement.

The reunion special was held after the second bonfire.

The season brought back all four couples and some singles who played important roles throughout the season.

Temptation Island Season 4 Reunion Special!

Ashley Rodriguezand Lascelles Lagares, were the first to be reunited with their significant other from “Temptation Island,” Trace Winningham or Blake Blumenshine.

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SPOILERS – Just a heads up!

During the last bonfire, Ashley and Lascelles split up. Ashley returned home alone while Lascelles went with Trace. Ashley and Lascelles dated seven years before meeting on “Temptation Island.”

But, Trace and Lascelles knew that the real world wasn’t a paradise.

After the finale, they decided to be “just friends,” and Lascelles made a last-ditch attempt to get a shot with Ashley.

After the Show Ended, Lascelles Attempts to Get Ashley Back

Lascelles was shivering and holding his head high while he viewed the season’s highlights.

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He didn’t feel bad. He knew what he was taking for granted and gave up.

Ashley was my friend. Lascelles confessed that she didn’t realize all the beautiful things she did for her and what they had.

Ashley revealed that Trace had told him ‘I love You’ during a semi-relationship.

Lascelles reached for Ashley to send the message because he noticed Ashley getting serious with someone else.

Lascelles is The Ultimate Love Bomber

Lascelles even said, “I want my cake and have it too.” That’s me. “I wanted both Ashley and Trace.”

However, that’s not the end of the bombshells.

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Viewers could see the footage cut from the cutting room floor, and it was SEXUAL.

One clip shows Lascelles and Trace talking on a daybed. He said to her that if the cameras were not rolling, they would be in his bedroom doing other things.

Another clip of Trace and Lascelles is missing from the final cut. They are locked in their bathroom.

He can be heard saying, “This is growing, and I can’t fix it.” You want to see it.

Trace replies, “I do.”

The model was surprised when she exclaimed, “You could have heard that?”

Here is where the jaws dropped.

Alexa Coppola was the first thing that caught Lascelles’ attention early in the season. Although she loved him, they didn’t share the same feelings.

It turned out that some cast members met up for a night on the town after shooting wrapped on “Temptation Island.”

Although it’s not clear where they lived or what club they attended, the truth is that Alexa’s loose lips indeed sank some ships.

She said she had “hooked up with Lascelles” in October 2021.

Alexa Drops Not One, But Two Major Bombshells

Trace, shocked, asks her to define hook up.

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Alex says, “We were dancing at a club with some cast members. You were like. I want to kiss you right now. But is anyone watching? “Can anyone see us?”

Lascelles immediately defends, but it is a weak defense. She hits back with, “You kissed me.”

Alexa noted that he is 6’2″ tall, and she is 5’2″, so it’s almost impossible for her physically to reach his lips and kiss him.

Alexa was not the only one he “hooked with” that night. Lascelles was also seen with Meghan Pilkington the same night.

He finally admitted to Trace that he had sex with both women after fumbling through his words.

“Yes, I was intoxicated. He said that I was under the influence, and he laughed.

Trace was shocked and replied, “I’m honestly disgusted.”

Trace is disgusted by his behavior.

Lascelles attempted to blame anyone but himself once again. He claimed that the girls were hanging around Lascelles before the make-out sessions.

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“I’m shaking. She says, “You know me.” Is there a reason for it?” Was it because you were drunk? Or were you blaming alcohol for Everything? You said “I love you” on alcohol, and you kissed girls with alcohol. What else?

Lascelles defended himself by saying, “Everything I say will be used against me. So I’d prefer not to talk.”

To top it all, Trace revealed that the make-outs took place a month before he visited her in November 2021.

“Oh, so they kissed them first and then visited me. She cries with relief, her eyes rolling.

Lascelles says he cannot trust Alexa again, and TI host Mark Walberg responds with old-fashioned TRUTHS.

“That’s not trusting. Walberg said that it was conspiring to keep secrets.


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