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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers June 13 – June 17

One gets a good look at Eric and Donna engaging in pillow talk. Carter takes a bold step in the wrong direction, and Quinn approaches matters of the heart head-on. Here are The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers June 13 – June 17 for all the fans.

Li is shocked when Sheila shows Li that Houdini has nothin’ on her… just in the time to give them the mother of all surprises. We’ll dive into the details of these teasers and other surprises!

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers Friday, June 10

Carter makes an unwise move and kisses Paris. Paris is shocked but happy by Carter’s sudden change in heart. Will she question the fact that she believed he was still having an affair with Quinn just days earlier? We are assuming not.

Alert! Level five nutjob alert Grace files a formal complaint against Ridge regarding Carter’s harassment in Paris. Is it possible for someone outside of the company to file an official complaint on behalf of an employee?

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers week of June 13:

Forrester Creations is never dull, and this day is no exception. Ridge will spin in his grave when Grace complains about Carter and then Grace’s COO blindsides Ridge with an announcement about Paris.

Li attacks Taylor and blames the Forresters. Wait until Doc discovers that her handsome son-in-law is alive. Steffy was allowed to continue believing she would never see her husband again by his protective mama. We can be certain that the tables will turn and spin wildly.

Oh snap! Eric and Donna engage in a pillow fight in their bungalow, not realizing that they are being monitored. The big question is who will be able to see Honey Bear and Logan’s luscious Logan lover girl romping — and more importantly, are they willing to keep it a secret from Quinn?


Bold & Beautiful spoilers Tuesday, June 14

Although we didn’t believe Li was afraid of Sheila, this teaser suggests that Finn’s biological mother will be terrified of her son’s psychotic mother. She gloats about how many people have tried to keep her behind bars but failed. Could there be a more concrete foreshadowing of jailbreak?!

There might be hope for Donna to keep her secret love affair private since her niece was the one who caught her. Hope confronts Donna and begs her to keep Eric a secret. Hope, on the other hand, isn’t one who condones cheating, and, frankly, all she would have to do to let it slip her mother and the cat wouldn’t be out of the bag. Brooke would not be able to get to Quinn quickly enough.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers Wednesday, June 15

This is not good. Sheila is thrilled that Finn is still alive and quickly takes aim at Li for keeping it secret. We don’t like Li’s chances of finding out where her son is kept “their” in prison.

Eric was shocked to discover that Quinn called Bridget for a “health intervention”. How can the philandering husband explain his high heart rate and skyrocketing pressure to his daughter’s doctor without raising suspicions? Or referring her to our photo gallery about “Deric”‘s” love affair.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers Thursday, June 16th:

It is strange that the inability to reach people strikes at such inopportune times on soap operas. Ridge and Taylor try to contact Li to inform her that Sheila is out of prison. This scenario is extremely bad news for Finn’s adoptive mother, as we have already mentioned.

Whoops! It’s obvious that Quinn and Carter have a deep love for one another. But to whom? We’re going to just say that we are concerned about the door-peeping and lurking that has become a regular occurrence at Forrester Creations.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers Friday, June 17th:

Quinn may be Quinn’s true love, but Carter is still committed to her husband. Will she be able to convince her ex-lover not to propose in Paris? We are assuming that Carter will propose to Paris despite all logic.

It seems that Sheila has caught up to Li as it was predicted. This is because they are together when they get an unexpected surprise. Could Finn regain consciousness? We have to wonder what Finn will wake up to if he does. Perhaps one mother is trying to get him to do the other!

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