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The Circle Season 4 Winner

ALERT! ALERT! Circle season 4 spoilers ahead. If you aren’t sure if the finale is worth your time and want to avoid spoilers, this might be the best time to exit Circle Chat. You can return once the finale is over. Find out who is The Circle Season 4 Winner?

Nathan (aka Alex) played an excellent game but was ultimately blocked from The Circle right before the final rankings. Everson took sixth place and made his way to the finale to compete in the $150,000 grand prize.

Who was the winner of The Circle? And how did the final rankings turn out? Let’s take another look!

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Winner of The Circle Season 4

Everson, Frank (aka Trevor), Yu Ling, and Imani (aka Trevor) were given the task of determining their most difficult rankings. As the seasons go by, we have seen that contestants become more strategic in their final rankings. This is understandable.

Some ranked based on the connections made during the season. Others ranked their greatest threats lower to improve their final standings. Who did win the final battle?

Frank Grimsley was the winner in The Circle season 4. This might be one of the most deserving wins. Frank was a loyal player all season and was himself throughout the entire season, which helped him win the game.

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