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The Outlaws Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Most Recent News!

BBC One’s crime thriller “The Killing” will return for a second season. Stephen Merchant’s crime comedy-drama The Outlaws was a hit series in 2021. We now have season 2. Here are the spoilers on The Outlaws Season 2 Release Date, cast, plot, and much more!

After the second block is shot, the new episodes will be aired on BBC One and BBC iPlayer beginning June 5th.

All the cast members from the original season are back in the new season. The merchant told recently that his love for these characters means that he hopes to continue with the series beyond these episodes.

Merchant stated that he loves the characters and the world. It’s hard to believe they’re still doing community work, but it’s not like Auf Wiedersehen Pet, where they built a new house in each part of the world every time.

“So hopefully, there will be a way to bring them back, especially as I love working alongside this cast. As I said, once you create a world with characters you enjoy writing for and have created, you want to continue milking that cow.”

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Continue reading to learn everything we know about The Outlaws season 2, including the release date, cast members, etc.

Will The Outlaws Return For Season 2 Of Their Series?

Stephen Merchant fans rejoice! The Outlaws will return for season 2!

Deadline reported the news in January, reporting that The Offenders (originally called The Offenders) was renewed for season 2.

The show’s executive producer Kenton Alley told Deadline that season two was being commissioned on the condition that both seasons one-two would be shot simultaneously. He added: “We used our advantage of having shot the scripts before turning it over to learn more about it. We were able to rewrite season 1 to reflect the events that will take place in season 2.

Merchant said that he was overwhelmed by the response to The Outlaws after the season’s finale. My Twitter feed is overflowing with requests for information on series 2, so I am delighted to confirm that the whole gang will be returning for more adventures. We’re turning up the heat in Series Two if we made The Outlaws sweat during Series One.


The Outlaws Season 2 Release Date!

Rhianne Barreto and Gamba Cole in The Outlaws season 2 BBC

The Outlaws season 2 will begin on BBC One at 9:00 PM on Sunday, June 5th, 2022.

Stephen Merchant stated in a YouTube video that production ended in October 2021. You can already watch the second series, so you will be able to follow the adventures of these characters in the next series.

The Outlaws Season 2 Plot

The Outlaws 2 will continue from the season 1 finale. The group will continue their community service while the police are still investigating the murder of Spider.

Although the police believed that Spider was shot by Ben (Gamba Cole), the rest of the community group convinced them that no charges would be brought against them because there were no fingerprints on Spider’s gun and that Ben’s lover and a racist were the only witnesses.

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The official synopsis of the next series reads: “Following directly from the original series, The Outlaws still can serve on their sentences – but they now have to face the consequences for their actions. They are mistaken if they think the criminal underworld and the local police have done with them. The Outlaws have to depend on each other while working with unlikely allies to atone for their sins. But can they save their souls without having to sacrifice their own?

The Outlaws Season 2 Cast

Gamba Cole, Rhianne Barreto, Darren Boyd, and Eleanor Tomlinson are the Outlaws BBC’s guests. Stephen Merchant

The Outlaws’ second season will feature the return of Stephen Merchant (Greg), Christopher Walken (Frank), Rhianne Barreto (Rani), Gamba Col (Christian/Ben), Darren Boyd, Clare Perkins (“Myrna”), and Eleanor Tomlinson (“Lady Gabby”) who all play the seven strangers who are forced to do community service.

Jessica Gunnin will also be returning as their supervisor Diane. Also, Charles Babalola, Nina Wadia, Ian McElhinney, and John Snr. Dolly Wells, Dolly Wells, and Aiyana Goodfellow will also be returning.

Claes Bang (Dracula) and Dolly Wells (“Dracula”) are back as guest stars. Julia Davis (Gavin & Stacey) joins the cast to complete the new season.

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The Outlaws Season 2 Trailer

A trailer for The Outlaws’ new season is now available. It shows the gang still suffering from the consequences of their actions in season 1. Have a look here.

The Outlaws season 2 premieres on BBC One on June 5th. All episodes will also be available on BBC iPlayer. Season 1 can be streamed on BBC iPlayer right now. You can also view more Drama coverage in our TV Guide.

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