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The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 What happens next?

The long-running television series The Walking Dead know that the series is coming to an end. When we leave 2022 in the year 2022, the show will have completed its final show. The last season has been an exciting adventure that has focused primarily on the Commonwealth. The main question is how will the series conclude?

Comic book fans are aware of the significant time span of 25 years which shows where the remaining characters are in the present. The show isn’t able to accomplish this since there are numerous spinoff series that are coming and even movies in the pipeline which means it’s unlikely that this plot will play out in the ongoing series.

Season 11’s eleventh season’s season 11 midseason finale saw Lance Hornsby, as Deputy Governor of the Commonwealth takes over the towns that comprised Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside. But to what purpose?

Within the Commonwealth, Connie and her group have revealed some of the Miltons and the subversive things that are happening in the top tier of this community. What’s to come in the future?

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The Walking Dead Season 11 finale

It’s difficult to envision what the story will be like when it ends. What will happen to set the stage for Maggie as well as Negan to be the protagonists of their spinoff Isle of the Dead? Also, for Daryl to be the protagonist in his own spinoff, which will somehow lead Daryl to Europe?

If the film ever becomes reality then will the finale be the one to set them up?

Below are a few issues that I’d like to be able to resolve during the final episode.

Will anyone be able to get the comic’s death of Rick?

As in the Comics Rick dies at the hands of Sebastian. This character is not really serving any other motive, so how can another person take the death? Many have expressed their opinions on the extent to which Aaron has adopted the appearance of comic Rick.

However, he’d have to make it to the Commonwealth in the near future since only eight episodes remain. The recent actions of Father Gabriel make sure that he’s not welcomed at the Commonwealth However, Eugene and Ezekiel are. Will one of them be able to take Rick’s death in comic form?

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Which are characters that are missing?

In the course of the series, a lot of characters simply disappear from the story without reason. It would be interesting to know where the characters have been but we’re only getting eight episodes, so this is unlikely to occur. But what happens to characters such as Luke, Jules, and Virgil? The characters mentioned above are older ones that have been able to disappear. 

Luke and Jules are not in the Oceanside line-up in the closing episode of midseason’s finale. Also, Virgil holds an important detail; he knows that Michonne’s husband is alive and is currently in search of the man. They’re characters we need to know more about prior to the final.

How did it go for Oceanside?

Season 11’s showrunner Angela Kang confirmed that in the midseason finale to season 11 Hornsby was tossing the coin to determine the fate of the inhabitants of Oceanside. We will find out the result of the coin toss?

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Is Pamela Milton corrupt or just an elitist?

Governor Pamela Milton comes from a wealthy family of politicians. She believes that a system of class can be the best way to run society. While this may seem absurd in the event of an apocalypse, it does not have anything to be concerned with corruption. There is nothing that has been seen or heard from her that suggests that she’s aware of her other activities with Hornsby. The list of names that were in the files was locked, but there wasn’t any description of what these files contained. Maybe she’s just the same as Hornsby however it is yet to be determined.

Does Lance Hornsby die before the finish?

In the trailer teaser for the third installment, Hornsby appears to be covered with blood splatters spinning his precious coin, and muttering about always having an escape route. Perhaps he has lost his temper, and could it lead to his death? Did he take someone too far and will he have no chance of negotiating his way out of the situation this time?

Was Annie created in order to be killed?

Negan’s new wife Annie is expecting their child. Will the character be introduced and the killed? Will Annie and the baby join Negan along with Maggie and whatever else they take away on their way to Manhattan for the sequel series? What about Hershel accompany them?

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Could fall the Commonwealth collapse?

There is a rebellion against the Commonwealth which is in place, as well Connie, Eugene, and the others are working on an argument that will get more people to confront the people who are in charge of this group. This teaser trailer for this particular episode will show what the streetscapes of the Commonwealth are filled with people, either for or against. It’s not clear, but it is likely to be those on both sides. Are our survivors, and other resistance fighters become the new rulers of this community?

What will happen to be the Civic Military Republic (CRM) is created?

The CRM was introduced by the characters in Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is also expected to feature in the last seasons of The Walking Dead? The viewers who watch The Walking Dead’s World Beyond spinoff know that Jadis swapped Rick with the Civic Republic as her ticket to join this community. If we’re ever to meet Rick once more, it would be appropriate to introduce him to the group.

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A million-dollar question

Is Rick Grimes making an appearance?

Andrew Lincoln did make a short trip across the pond and was observed in Georgia. The visit was short however, he could have been able to film an appearance for the finale. It’s only fitting that the show begins and concludes in the form of Rick Grimes.

There are numerous loose end-points, and we know the things Abraham is saying about them. There are many more to wrap up in the final episode however, it is possible that certain questions will be addressed.

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