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There’s A First Time For Everyone Lost Ark

Lost Ark is finally here in the West and everyone is excited about it. As an avid MMO and ARPG player who has leveled every class in WoW to raids, for the most part, I’m thrilled. You are either convinced or thinking about it if you’re here.

Consider many things when you decide to play a new game. Mobalytics is here to help you make the right decisions and have fun playing a game you love.

Apart from the basic questions about whether the game is worth your time and whether it will be enjoyable in the end, there are some fundamental doubts that many of us have.

Lost Ark is just like the other endless games. There is so much to do and so many things to remember. No one wants to be forced to learn something new or feel overwhelmed.

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What is the time it will take to reach the end? What if I forget something? Will I make a bad decision that will last a lifetime? We are here to help with your nagging worries. Continue reading!

Let me begin by saying, “Don’t worry or stress!” Before I help you decide what to concentrate on and where to spend time, Lost Ark is an amazing game that offers something for everyone. You don’t have to waste any time, as most of your progress will go to your server account (Roster), and not your character. You will make progress no matter what direction you choose!

If you’re the min-max type or want to make sure you’re not wasting time, this is the list of things you need to do before you reach 50 and complete the main quest.

Lost Ark Do’s

#1 Level with flat HP pots

This is your main source of healing, and it can be found anywhere.

You can simply kill some whelps, and they will take you seriously.

#2 Use the Open Cards

These can be used across all accounts. You can play with them and make sure you do it correctly once you have a few.

It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost much in bonus -2-5 percent elemental resistance.

#3 Plan around Stronghold Timings

Lost Ark is all-in-time efficiency! You might be able to put off tasks that take a long time to complete or cool down, so consider doing them before you go to bed.

You might also consider shorter play sessions if you don’t plan to have a long session.

#4 Open Chests with Currency Rewards

You can share most currencies for your Roster. So feel free to get those chests open. One exception to this rule is when you are unsure of your main currency.

They can be easily cultivated, so don’t worry if they do open.

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#5 Dungeons on Hard

You can increase the difficulty if you are familiar with similar games/genres. You will get more loot and possibly have more fun.

#6 Try out different combinations of abilities and see how your Tripod points are spent

Do not worry about min/maxing immediately, you can try different combinations of abilities on your Hotbar or the skill upgrades available in the Tripod during your journey.

This will allow you to determine the best playstyle. Bonus points if you choose between PvE or PVP builds.

#7 Use Triports to Travel if you are short on time

It’s easy to find silver, so don’t be greedy! Alt + clicking on your map will save you time and allow you to bounce between Tripods.

#8 Change your pet’s effect buffs

Did you know that you can modify the two buffs of your pet once it is acquired?

To swap your pet management NPC, simply head to any Pet Management NPC with the dog icon on your map.

#9 Have fun on the ride

There are many beautiful views and plenty to see. Combat is hilarious. Keep your eyes on the journey. The end game is easy to connect to, and mistakes are not final.

Do not stress about getting there too quickly. It can be fun to take your time and enjoy the entire process. Take your time and explore!

Lost Ark Don’ts

#10 Do not use any % HP potions when leveling

This is your main source of healing in endgame content and can get expensive/time-consuming to get more.

Overall, this is probably the only bad decision you can make while leveling – everything else is inconsequential…that and your Founder plat skin if you have it (choose that wisely- you only get one!)

#11 Choose a main dish without worrying about it

You have many options to swap characters and the game even gives you an incentive to create more.

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Then you can get another boost for another class! If you need more information on how to choose your class, please visit our character guide.

#12 Don’t be afraid to choose the wrong spec

Respecting is possible at any time, and many options for a very long-term setup are free.

#13 Don’t be afraid to be PVP/PVE

26 is the minimum age for PVP, and all players are given equal skill points.

This will not affect the character you are creating.

This means you can quickly (in less than 2 hours) create a new character PVP ready for you if your current one is not working out.

#14 Don’t be concerned about the 600 different currencies

For those who are interested, we’ll give you a separate guide. But for everyone else, you can just get them while you read the main story.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot at the beginning.

#15 Don’t be worried about missing side quests

If you don’t like the side quests, it’s okay to abandon them. You can always come back later to do the main quest and get to max level.

These are easy tasks to complete while you’re on the quest. They can also be done while you’re traveling, so they won’t take too much time. Also, the flow will feel more natural as you go along with the main quest.

#16 Don’t be afraid of Rapport and Collectibles

These are easy to do later, even easier than in the beginning. The rewards are not as significant as other items in the game, but they can still be very rewarding.

You can also ignore Mokoko, who obsesses over the seeds and gives you anxiety about missing something.

They won’t make you or break your heart. It is fun to find them, so go for it!

#17 Don’t be afraid of Engraving and Ability Stones

This tutorial will likely be given to you, but it is best to forget about it. This tutorial doesn’t start until you begin the final game gearing up your character.

Actually, I recommend that you leave all engraving chests open so that you can make the right choice.

These are Roster-wide, which means that they can be used for any class you don’t like.

#18 Do not worry about opening chests

You can stack them and then you can open them at the end to choose what you want.

If you have already opened them or wish to open them, don’t be too concerned about making a decision. Most stuff can be acquired easily.

You can’t commit to a character if you aren’t sure.

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#19 Life Skills (aka Trade Skills), such as mining, fishing, and other related activities, are not to be worried about

They are called life skills in the game and can be used across all accounts. You are mistaken if you believe you need to travel to old areas to farm.

It is easy to level an alt, pick up some herbs, and your main level will increase.

You don’t have to buy them too early – the obligatory tutorial quests will provide you with all the information you need.

#20 Do not worry about buying new gear or Ability Stones before the T1 End Game

As you kill monsters and quest, your gear will be organically upgraded. Although you can purchase gear from vendors, it will eventually be replaced. The game is simple enough without it.

With no fear, you can take down anything that isn’t an upgrade. All stones that fall are included. The stones you begin with will be the best until the end.

Other Questions and Tips

This is all you need to get started on your journey to level 50. We are happy to help if you need more information.

Below are some additional details to help you enjoy your Lost Arkventure.

What items can I share with all my characters?

Here is a list that shares everything with your Roster (all characters in a server). We will make any changes if I have missed anything.

  • Realizations
  • Completion of an Adventure Book
  • Affinity
  • Cards
  • Engraving unlocks
  • Lifeskills and Lifeskill tools
  • Mokoko seeds/island/giant hearts/masterpieces
  • Mounts (after doing the mount unlock quest)
  • Pets
  • PVP rank
  • Sailors
  • Ship upgrades
  • Skill/life/nature/stat potions
  • Most currencies
  • Titles
  • Your stronghold

Do I need to join a guild?

Why not? It’s a great way to meet new friends and get more rewards. Donating to the guild can earn you more rewards, but you might have to join other players if you want min-max.

It’s not important if you don’t participate in one. This is another one of those small things that have a very limited impact. So do what you want.

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