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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Drop Locations

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, The Borderlands sequel, can be found out. The game is more focused on spells and multiclass rather than the typical blasting of grenades that we have seen in previous Borderlands games. Combining classes and carefully building up their skill tree is the path to unlocking the final content.

Even though it’s a Borderlands spinoff, the one thing that’s remained the same is the looting element that is in the name. The looter shooter comes with many legendaries to pick from (if you’re lucky enough to get them). In the following article, we’ve taken the information we have collected from all over the internet and laid it out in tables for you to comprehend quickly.

Update: New DC Coiled Captors weapons are now available on the table.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Drop Locations

NOTE: We have added world drop and boss names sections in the table of every legendary. When the section for boss’ names is blank, and bosses aren’t dropping the weapon for any of them until now.

Legendary Weapons

Version 1.0 UpdateQuad Bow and Thunder Anima are now part of the game’s loot pools (via the recently released hotfix).

We’ve broken the list further based on the vendor names.

Skull Dugger

TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location?

AR Rogue Imp Yes World Drop Only

AR Thunder Anima Yes World Drop Only

Pistol Liquid Cooling Yes Lissia

RPG Blue Cake Yes C. Chamber Miniboss


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location

AR Quad Bow Yes World Drop Only

Pistol Apex Yes Dragon Lord

Pistol Perceiver Yes Oculus

Pistol Ruby’s Spite Yes Monstrous Shroom

SMG Live Wire Yes World Drop Only

SMG White Rider Yes Wasted

Sniper Skeep Prod Yes World Drop Only


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location

SG Circuitus Gyre

Chaos Chamber

SG Red Hellion Yes Obsidian Wyvern

SMG Blazing Volley Yes World Drop Only

SMG Wizard’s Pipe Yes Parasite

Sniper Antique/Used Greatbow Yes Thorne Shadow

Sniper Kao Khan Yes Minibosses

Black Powder

TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location

AR Crossbolt Generator Yes Caster … Skeleton

Pistol Catatumbo Yes World Drop Only

Pistol Masterwork Handbow Yes Captain Swallow

SG Crossblade Yes Gloopathoth

SG Reign of Arrows Yes C.Chamber Miniboss

Sniper Carrouser Yes C.Chamber Miniboss

Sniper Envy Yes King Q’urub


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location

Pistol Gluttony Yes Droll the Troll

Pistol Boniface’s Soul Yes Mushroom Healer

SG Sworderang No Mandiblon

SG Die-Vergent Not Confirmed DLC Playthrough

SMG Borea’s Breath No Ribula

SMG Fragment Rain Yes C.Chamber Miniboss

SMG Shadowfire Yes Mushroom Healer

SMG Throwable Hole No Chaos Chamber


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location

Pistol Message Yes World Drop Only

RPG Cannonballer Yes LeChance

SG Hawkins’ Wrath No Chaos Chamber

SG Swordsplosion Yes LeChance


TypeNameWorld DropBoss or Drop Location

Pistol AUTOMAGIC.exe Yes Banshee

Pistol Queen’s Cry Yes The Maker

AR Donkey No Droll the Troll

AR Lil K’s Bread Slicer Yes World Drop Only

AR Manual Transmission No Vorcanar

RPG Delugeon No Chums or Wheel of Fate

Sniper Dry ‘l’s Fury Yes Dry’l

Sniper Portable Sawmill No Chaos Chamber

Legendary Melee Weapons

There are four sellers that sell Melee Weapons; Swift, Kleave, Valora and Bonk.

VendorNameWorld DropDrop Location

Swift Diamondguard Sword Yes C.Chamber Miniboss

Ragnarok Yes The Maker

Spellblade Yes Wastward

Twin Soul Yes Knight Mare

Kleave Goblin Pickaxe Yes Pigwart

Snake Stick Yes World Drop

Valora Fatebreaker Yes Dragon Lord

Mage Staff Yes World Drop

Storm Surge No Dry’l

Wailing Banshee Yes Banshee

Bonk Frying Pan Yes World Drop

Peg Leg Yes LeChance

Pincushion Yes World Drop

Slammin’ Salmon Yes World Drop

I just got my hands on the Frying Pan, and it’s great fun to use.

What are the Best Legendary Weapons

There are many great options to choose from. here are a few we’ve tried and enjoyed:

  • Manual Transmission
  • Borea’s Breath
  • Message
  • Frying Pan

Other weapons on this list could complement your design. Certain weapons are a good candidate for crit, while others benefit by status, which means that it’s all a matter of context. Check out the multiclass guides to figure the most effective classes available to players.

The AAA titles’ launch hasn’t been great so far. There are issues like bad performance and crashing now and then . Gearbox doesn’t even have an official forum for the game setup yet, I don’t know what that means but the game launch was undoubtedly rushed. The game doesn’t run well even on 3080 PCs. You can read our article on fixing performance issues to rectify this.

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