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Today’s ‘Dordle’ 128 June 1, 2022 Answers – Hints and Solutions

These are Dordle word solutions for today’s #128. They will be published on June 1, 2022.

Dordle can be described as a more challenging version of Wordle where players have to think of not just one-two word but two five-letter ones to solve the game. There aren’t any clues on what the words might be initially, but once you’ve made your guess, the tiles will change color, which indicates the probability of identifying the letter that is in the word or whether you placed the letter correctly.

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Today’s ‘Dordle’ 128 June 1

Wordle will require six guesses in order to correctly guess a word, while Dordle requires seven chances to correctly guess both the words for the current day. This makes it more challenging since you get only one additional guess for guessing two words, rather than six for guessing just one. You are able to play however you like, but we suggest that you try to guess the vowels of the words as little as possible guesses, to build a base.

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Dordle Words Hints Today (June 1, 2022)

Certain Dordle puzzles might be more difficult than others, and here are some tips we can offer to help you solve the Dordle #128 words of today.

One hint: there aren’t common letters found in Dordle words today.

Hint: Two vowels are present within the word “first,” as well as two vowels in the next.

Hint: The third phrase begins with an E while the second word begins with C.

Hint: The word “Dordle” in the first word refers to enthusiastic praise. A second Dordle word refers to a thick, hard paper or a thin piece of pasteboard, specifically one to write on or print on.

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What is the Dordle 128 Answer Today? (June 1, 2022)

These are Dordle 128 today’s answers:

  • 1st Dordle 128 Word – EXTOL
  • 2nd Dordle 128 Word – CARDS

Daily Dordle 128 Answer – June 1, 2022

Congratulations if you were able to figure out either or both words right!

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