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Today’s Foodle Answer: June 2022 – #25 Hints and Solution

Here’s the solution for the Foodle 25 words for this day, released on June 1, 2022.

Foodle is yet another Wordle-inspired game that we just discovered. The goal of the game is to figure out the word related to food. The rules are exactly the same as Wordle in that players have to guess the five-letter word (American English) to be classified as an attempt to guess.

Once you’ve made your prediction, tiles change color and let you know whether the letters you guess are on the page or not.

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The problem with this game is that the board will reset after you close the browser, meaning you can’t analyze the words you chose to determine the answer to your family and friends once they’ve made their predictions when you stop keeping playing.

There are no stats to help you keep track of the number of games you’ve won an inning, but you are still able to post your winnings on social media after you have finished the Foodle.

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Foodle Hints Today – June 1, 2022

The word isn’t easy to figure out, and below are the clues that we have to solve Foodle 25 to assist you in solving the question at this moment.

Hint 1: It contains the N.

Tip 2: The alphabet begins with the B.

Hint 3: There are two vowels in the word of today.

Hint 4: A palatable seed, usually kidney-shaped, which grows as long pods on some leguminous plants.

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What is the Foodle Answer Today? (June 1, 2022) (06/01/22)

The solution for Foodle 25 is


Daily Foodle Answer – June 1, 2022

Congratulations if you were able to figure out the correct answer today!

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