15+ Top Adventure Anime That You Shouldn’t Skip!!

For many of us, like me, my journey into the world of anime began with the most popular adventure-based series. The Shounen genre sparked my fascination with adventure anime. However, other genres have demonstrated that they’re also a challenge to face. The Chasing Anime lists the Top adventure anime to take a look at!

A majority of the adventure films take the protagonist to embark on a journey to discover new lands. They may embark on their own or join a group of others.

The path may be physical, mental, as well as emotional. The result will often see the protagonist and his companions show signs of improvement compared to their initial state. Here check out which are the top adventure anime that you should definitely watch!!

Top Adventure Anime

1. The Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

A prince at risk of being murdered by his family members. His mother has secretly hired bodyguards to protect him and the fugitive.

The show has a sophisticated animation style, distinctive design, beautiful music, and excellent speed for an action-oriented show.

A female character, in particular, is one of the most well-constructed and polished characters I’ve seen.

Have I mentioned that there’s no poor, unprofessional fan service here because the quality is top-notch?

2. Granblue Fantasy: The Animation

Granblue Fantasy was initially adapted from video games used on PS.

A girl named Lyria is forced into slavery without any reason of her own as well as an official. Alize has a plan to assist her escape but at the risk of becoming the enemy of the empire.

It’s a short series, and the animation isn’t one of the best I’ve seen.

There’s something distinctive in it that you could consider appealing. I love the art style as well as the character.

3. Fairy Tail

The picture above is taken from the very first episode of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is fun, entertaining, action-packed, and easy to access. Whoever you’ll become a fan of, it’s the one show that I’ve seen with memorable characters, despite having several characters.

They are also crucial to the narrative in the majority of instances.

Fanservice is perhaps the most significant factor that can “put off” the majority of fans; however, there aren’t many adventures as fun and full of riches as Fairy Tail. Despite the doubts within the world of anime.

4. Slayers

Slayers was a popular show during the ’90s. It’s among the top shows I’ve seen that featured female lead actresses.

Lina Inverse is a 17-year old mage who loves one thing, and that is money. She enjoys treasure hunting and is involved in many bizarre adventures.

Slayers are similar to the earlier version that was Fairy Tail, at least according to my opinion.

The fan service in Slayers is minimal. The main character is a little savage, akin to Erza Scarlet.

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5. Inuyasha

Inuyasha was released during the 1990s. The story is situated in Japan’s Sengoku period Japan. This was around 400 years ago.

The love story told in Inuyasha is perfect for those who enjoy being pampered, but it’s subtle enough not to distract from the story’s central theme.

With over 100 shows to its credit. I’d recommend it to those who are dedicated to it.

6. Log Horizon

When playing Log Horizon, the characters are stuck in an MMORPG called Elder Tales. They decide to stay in the game and create their community.

What is to come is business, adventure, politics, humor from the show, and gaming action.

It’s a mix of Spice And Wolf’s business elements and the strengths of video games into one program.

7. Sword Art Online

This anime doesn’t require any introduction.

If you are a fan of a thrilling adventure where you have to choose between death and life, this is an option for Log Horizon.

It also has a lot more romance and “feels” the game Sword Art Online by its very nature. Particularly when the 2nd season SAO is out.

8. Samurai Champloo

A girl named Fuu is looking for a Samurai who smells similar to sunflowers. Fuu is later joined by two Samurai after her house is destroyed.

If you’re looking for adventure-based entertainment, no other animation offers the same Vibes as Hip Hop instruments, distinct characters, and an ambiance.

Samurai Champloo is a breed with a distinct taste you won’t find anywhere else.

9. Akame Ga Kill

A group of assassins works together to eliminate corrupt capitalism, the state and create the conditions that will allow peace throughout the world.

It’s the most brutal, sad, and morally wrong series of adventures that you’ll ever get to enjoy. It has many of the best exciting action and battle scenes of the world of contemporary anime.

I like the way it handles killing characters instead of the “I can’t die” cliché used by so many shows.

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10. Spice And Wolf

It is a stunning series that blends subtle business and romantic elements and also animated and historical elements that are difficult to miss in its day-to-day life.

This is the perfect series for those looking for excitement and romance, but with no flashy action. Additionally, it’s an entertaining adventure with two main characters while keeping the focus and clean.

11. Claymore

Human beings of average age transform into soldiers that are half-human and half-demon. Their sole objective is to eradicate the demons with full blood.

The story is the main focus of Claymore. It’s not a novel, but the story, is a blend of action, adventure, and battle scenes. The most entertaining you can find in the category for those aged 18 and over.

12. Scrapped Princess

Pacifica Casull is abandoned as a child and thrown on the waste side. But, she manages to survive being adopted by her brothers and sisters.

Scrapped Princess is one of the shows that provide all of the above. It offers fantasy mecha, magic as well as a great deal of adventure. There aren’t many shows on television that could make it happen as Scrapped Princess does.

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13. It’s like I’m living In Another World With My Smartphone

If you’ve already decided to go with this supernatural or harem show.

The main character is accidentally killed by God and later was reborn due to God’s mistake.

The plot goes like this: Mochizuki Touya (main character) has God’s phone number, which means he can call anytime.

If you don’t take the show as seriously, you’ll surely be amazed by the show due to its entertaining, OP character, and exciting episodes.

14. Alice & Zouroku

It’s a popular 2017 series that I think is underrated.

Alice And Zouroku is a film that centers on two characters, one of whom isn’t human and an old man who’s a florist.

They meet one another by random encounters, and then she is a part of the family.

After you’ve seen the first two episodes, you’ll be aware of the reason. However, be mindful of the following: Alice & Zouroku is one of the most relaxing and comfortable yet also more dark and more profound animes that you’ll watch. The duo who plays the main character will have an impact.

15. Kino’s Journey: The Animated Series Kino’s Journey: The Animated Series

The story revolves around Kino as well as his bike, Hermes. Every week, they travel to a new town or country and are only there for three days at a time. If you’re interested in traveling, you’ll be awed by Kino’s Journey.

The first thing that you’ll encounter in Kino’s Journey is the beautiful animation.

Each episode is a work of art because of the excellence of the animation. Each scene is brimming with real-life effects and stunning backgrounds that are enjoyable to watch.

16. Kono Subarashii

Konosuba is an action-comedy/adventure show and is one of the most-watched shows in the past five years.

The series is popular with everyone, regardless of what we think about its merits.

It’s an absurd comedy with an underlying sense of humour similar to anime such as Gintama. You’ve probably heard about it.

Its Isekai aspects and even the world of Konosuba have had many similarities to SAO; however, Konosuba can be described as pure comedy.

Wrapping Up:

Start your journey into the world of top adventure anime by looking at a few of our recommendations. Please share your thoughts on your most loved adventure show in the section below. The comment section is below.

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