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The temptation to indulge in your favourite candy bar is difficult as we’ve been there we’re all guilty of it, right? When you walk past an aisle filled with chocolate-covered and decadent caramel candy bars is extremely tempting, especially at times of celebrations like Halloween or Valentine’s Day, or even birthdays. Read some delicious Twix Nutrition Facts here!

While a treat every now and sometimes might not be an issue but the facts about nutrition are a different story. It is possible to lose yourself in the sweet taste that comes with a bar of candy, such as Twix, you should look up when you take an examination of the nutritional information on the packaging, because there could be some things that you need to be aware of. 

If you’re unsure between the left and opposite side of popular Twix chocolate bar maybe you should just eat one, and avoiding the other altogether or at most, be mindful before eating the bars.

What is the best way to have a meal or eat?

With Americans eating an average of 25 % of their candy every year, the majority of which is chocolate bars, things could be quite difficult for people trying to meet the New Year’s resolutions or simply maintain our health (via Warrell Corporation). If you think serving sizes are important and you’re amazed at the amount of servings you get included in your normal or small-sized candy bars. Unfortunately, the cult Twix candy bar is not an exception.

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As per The Daily Meal, Twix came in at sixth place in their ranking of the top six unhealthy Halloween candy because of its high calories. A pack of Twix that is fun-sized contains an astounding 220 calories and 24g of sugar with 7 grams of saturated fat comprising approximately 1/4 of your daily recommended intake of fat (via The Daily Meal). This). 

While “fun-sized,” when it regards nutritional value, there’s not much to enjoy about the Twix bar. Insider is the same story of calories for Twix. After everything is done could it be a good idea to avoid the debate over left or right and instead, just skip it all altogether? 

Wrapping Up:

Although, eating sweets is never considered a healthy choice for anyone. But when you have such delicious chocolate like Twix, you can’t help but grab just one more.

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