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30 Mythically Amazing Unicorn Facts

Every wonderful fact you’ve would like to be aware of about our one-horned horsey family! We’ve collected thirty of our most captivating unicorn facts to share with you!

Unicorns! They’re just like horses, but much better! We’ve uncovered the most mythical unicorn facts and put them on this amazing list! Learn more about the story of unicorns, their mythology, the meaning of their name, and even the real unicorns who exist and also Amazing Unicorn Facts!

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Mythically Amazing Unicorn Facts

The Unicorn has been named the animal of the nation of Scotland.

It’s true, believe it or not, the Scottish Unicorn is its national animal! It is a symbol of coats of arms and other official items. It was chosen because the belief was that it would represent the natural adversary of a lion, which is England’s national emblem! You may have heard the song “The Unconqueror and The Lion’ which is believed to symbolize Scotland and England’s fights!

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People used to believe unicorns were real.

Today, we (sadly) are aware that unicorns may be created, but people weren’t certain many centuries ago! There were tons of creatures eager to be found, and some believed that the Unicorn could be just one! They were seen in folklore, art, and stories from all around the world!

The ancient peoples were able to create their versions of unicorns.

A variety of diverse cultures around the globe were influenced by unicorn myths that included China, Persia (modern Iran), Europe, and India. They were all different, but the only thing they shared to be in the same place was (of course) the horn that was at the top of their head. There are even what appear to be representations of unicorns from cave art!

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Sometimes, unicorns and Narwhals get confused.

For centuries, people have been referring to the horns of the narwhal as unicorns. Narwhals are a species of whale that has the longest horn on their head, which it uses to protect them from predators and other species of narwhals. It’s a tooth or tusk! Sometimes, their horns would wash up on the shore, and people would assume they were unicorns!

The symbol of purity and rarity is the Unicorn.

Unicorns are typically depicted in white, which symbolizes purity and innocence and purity, which the Unicorn is renowned for. They also are supposed to detect the truth from their magical abilities!

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Certain real animals appear similar to unicorns.

The concept of an animal having one horn doesn’t seem too ridiculous since a lot of animal species possess two hairs on their heads, including deer and antelope, moose, and sheep. In reality, the Okapi is, one of the African animals related to giraffes, can grow hairy horns that are only visible on their heads when their horns meld together. They are often referred to as the African Unicorn!

The horns of their horns are supposed to create a magical effect.

Horns of unicorns are believed to have special powers, such as the ability to discern whether someone is lying and treat certain ailments. This is why people were thrilled when they discovered the narwhal’s horns washed and then would offer the horns for a lot of cash!

A unicorn isn’t an animal. Pegasus

Unicorns are often confused with winged horses in Greek mythology, Pegasus. While unicorns can have wings, they’re two distinct myths. Pegasus is the legend of a horse with wings that is mentioned in a variety of Greek myths. It is also an astronomical constellation!

Unicorn means ‘One horn.’

The Greek words ‘uni’ means “one” and “cornu,” which means horn. Simple enough, really!

The early Greeks wrote about unicorns.

There was a time when the Ancient Greeks wrote lots about unicorns but not in the context of their myths and myths. They believed that unicorns existed and wrote about them like real animals they’d seen on the open field. This myth probably originated from stories they had read concerning real creatures.

The horn is referred to as an “alicorn.”

Alicorn is the same name used to describe the mysterious and mysterious substance the horn is composed of. It was believed to be magical, and people used to consume it (or some other food that they believed was Alicorn, in any case.) Yeuch!

The Unicorn is a character in many films.

You may recall the unicorn story from the very first Harry Potter film, where the blood of a unicorn is used to render the drinker impervious. Also, they use unicorn hair as a part of wands within the Harry Potter universe. The film “The Last Unicorn” is about the one Unicorn that is left. Of course, you should be aware of Twilight Sparkle, the flying Unicorn from My Little Pony!

And books…

Unicorns are featured in various works of literature, such as Harry Potter, the Narnia series, and a myriad of folk and fairy tales!


There is a myriad of images of unicorns in art, such as sculptures, cave drawings, tapestries of the past, and medieval ones. In many instances, unicorns symbolize innocence and purity. They also are often depicted in paintings of young girls. The most well-known depiction is unicorns: unicorn Tapestries, a series of tapestries of the Renaissance depicting the search for the mythical Unicorn.

Unicorns are designed to be in the woodlands.

The mythological creatures of the Unicorn are usually depicted as being deep in woods and forests, in which they are protected from predators. This is probably the reason they’re not seen often!

Unicorns are mentioned in the Bible.

It is believed that the King James Bible mentions unicorns multiple times, though some scholars believe that the word “unicorn” is a mistranslation of the word meaning ‘ox or some other animal. They also believe it possibly be referring to Re’em, the giant animal that is part of Jewish folklore, which Noah attempted to save during the flood of Noah.

People would buy “powdered unicorn’s horn”!

People used to purchase everything from oddities they believed would be able to cure their ailments, such as poisons, insects, and even dead bodies that were powdered! The horns of unicorns, believed by some to have magical properties, were sprayed and eaten by those who believed that it would improve their health. It was not a unicorn horn; it was probably a narwhal horn or a different animal if it was lucky! If you weren’t lucky, then who knows what it could be!

Elizabeth I was Queen Elizabeth I was given a “unicorn horn” in 1577.

A Tudor exploration named Martin Frobisher found it on the shores of Canada and gave it to Queen Elizabeth II. A unicorn’s horn could be a unique and costly present, so it likely delighted her quite a bit! Yes, it was a narwhal’s tail. You may have spotted patterns here! It was so prized that it was named the “Horn of Windsor,” but it was sadly lost in the Civil War.

A unicorn-like version that is found within Chinese folklore is known as Qilin.

Qilin is a mythological Chinese animal that can resemble the Unicorn in certain ways but is more of a hybrid of two dragons and a horse. Similar to its counterpart, the Unicorn is blessed with magical abilities and is believed to be lucky. It also has horns at the top of its head (although it is more often two). It’s one of the creatures that are part of Southeast Asian mythology that resembles the Western Unicorn.

Young girls only tame unicorns

The Unicorn is designed to be a terrifying creature, and the only way to conquer its beastly nature is by being a kind young lady! They are, according to reports, the only unicorns that unicorns love! If not, you may be inclined to sprint!

Marco Polo thought he saw the Unicorn.

Italian traveler Marco Polo recorded seeing a unicorn during his travels, but it was most likely the rhino or some other animal. Marco Polo also reported many other odd things that aren’t really, such as dogs-headed people of gigantic birds. The Roman Emperor Julius Caesar also claims he observed a bird in the forest when he tried to take on the west of Europe!

National Unicorn Day in Scotland is on April 9th.

It’s celebrated in other areas of the world, too! What are you planning to do to celebrate National Unicorn Day?

People used to believe Rhinos were unicorns.

It’s impossible to believe, but the rhino’s size was thought to once be the Unicorn! Since they each have one head with a horn! The rhino may be the source for the unicorn mythology and is especially relevant to westerners who have had only heard of stories about the distant horned animal.

There were unicorn hoaxes.

We’d all like to believe unicorns are real, and some have convinced others to believe they are! In addition to faux unicorn ears, there are some instances of performers using other animals to make unicorns or fake videos of fake unicorns becoming online. In the 80s, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in the USA attempted to pass off goats with a horn stuck to it as the Unicorn! It was not real…but it was adorable!

There are all kinds of unicorn-related stuff!

Today, unicorns are all over the place! It is possible to buy everything unicorn-themed, including stationery, clothes cakes, sweets, cakes, and costumes for pets! Cute!

The ‘Siberian Unicorn’ existed.

The Siberian Unicorn, or ‘Elasmotherium, was a massive Rhino-like creature that wandered around the Earth approximately 30-40 millennia in the past. It stood around nine feet in height and was weighed 4 tonnes! Like the Unicorn and the rhino, it had a massive head of horn sticking out of its head! We’d rather run into a unicorn, thank you!

Unicorn cups were once a thing.

Through the Middle Ages and early the modern era, the common practice was to use “unicorn cups” (often constructed from animal horns) for drinking since they believed that they could protect your body from poison. If the cup was in contact with poison, the cup would explode!

Myths about unicorns have threatened narwhals.

Because their horns are considered unicorn horns, the narwhals are frequently threatened by people who wish to acquire the horns and then use them to claim they are unicorns. Luckily, this does not occur anymore, even though they’re under threat due to climate changes!

A unicorn has the most power of all animals.

According to the mythology, no beast is more powerful than the Unicorn; therefore, ensure that you don’t upset one of them if you encounter one!

The Throne of Denmark is made out of unicorn horns.

The Danish chair of the throne is white and, as per legend, was made out of unicorn horns. It has been employed by Danish monarchs from the 17th century onwards. However, as you may have imagined, it’s not made from unicorn horns in any way. It’s more of narwhal’s teeth! But it’s pretty cool nonetheless!

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