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Awesome Video Game Soundtracks And Facts You Need To Hear!

Video games are an excitement that has crossed terrestrial and age barriers worldwide. Just begin the talk, and you can find a global craze of these games among almost all age groups. Explore these amazing Video Game Soundtracks And Facts in the post below!

After all, who does not have a hidden gamer inside! While these are already an appealing recipe of fun and adventure, the pinch of a nice soundtrack is a welcoming add-on spice. Being specific to retro video games, soundtracks are absolute bliss.

When looking for video games with the most amusing soundtracks, consider picking up any of the following alternatives.

Video Game Soundtracks And Facts

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

Introduced to the gaming world in 1985, this is the prototype of gaming soundtracks. With the perfect tempo and bounce, this game boasts whimsical background music that keeps you glued to the gameplay while motivating you to move ahead through the adventures of its amazing storyline.

The game has exact and coinciding music for every Mario movement, like, high air jumps, pipeline warps, and breaking construction blocks. An underground movement is complemented with a decrease in volume and a minimal sound beat as the perfect danger alarm. The quickening beats generate a thud to move out alive just in time.

If that’s not it, even losing a quest makes you smile with punctuating defeat notes, which turns all the more taunting if you happen to lose all the lives and take a start over. The game visibly has the choicest collection of tunes in gaming history.

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Super Castlevania IV

Super Castlevania IV

This Nintendo game possibly had the best soundtrack at its release in 1991. Housing the top-notch gaming thrill, this game compliments the horrifying storylines and piercing organs with rhythmic chiptune music. The super exciting combination of relishing music and upbeat tempo was often excellent enough to surpass the game’s visual craft.

If you are a fan of the original Castlevania trilogy soundtracks, you are certainly not going to miss out on them in this edition of the game. Most NES trilogy soundtracks, like ‘Vampire Killer,’ have been recreated to take you on a nostalgia tour of Dracula’s Liar. Another musical masterpiece is the ‘Simon’s Theme,’ with a hard-hitting melody and intense pace, which sounds perfect for the downsizing of vile creatures in the game.

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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Thanks to its detailed character design, complicated storyline, over-the-top battle mechanisms, and alluring background score, this game is a role play masterpiece Launched by Square Enix. The game’s title screen welcomes you with a soft spur that later on materializes into pompous music. As the game progresses through Crono’s journey, players are treated with a buffet of musical varieties.

For instance, the ‘Frog’s Theme’ is a stoic tempo complementing the knight in the game but has a tragic tinge that signifies the character’s difficulties since its transformation to keep moving ahead in the game’s journey. It is worth mentioning that Magus, the most loved character in the game, is complimented with possibly the best background score.

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Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64

Launched in 1997 with the collective efforts of Koji Kondo and Hajime Wakai, this game is known for its lofty and theatrical background opera score. The impressive music infuses drama into an otherwise ordinary arcade of conversing animals.

While the quest ends in about 60 minutes, the captivating music easily succeeds in keeping you glued to the adventure and replaying the game on loop. The amazing audio score has a perfect match for every planet’s mission and game mood.

The game, however, grew less popular with time and advancements in the gaming industry when its MIDI tools could not produce the orchestrated sound output that the developers wished to achieve.

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Released in 1999, this one was a complete storehouse of bombastic pop and punk sound effects and music, causing the background score to earn a separate fan base ahead of the game. This was an achievement credited to the game’s soundtrack selection from the time’s most popular and preferred music bands, including the Vandals, the Suicide Machines, and the Dead Kennedys.

The game had an inventory of classic background scores. You could conveniently run on loops for hours while mastering the ‘McTwist’ or imitating the 900 completion record Mr. Hawk achieved in the TV series. Talking of Superman, Goldfinger’s ska track, the music is peppy enough to keep you motivated throughout the gameplay.

While video games are always a utility of appreciation, their audio-visual competency is the pivot behind the popularity. Complementing soundtracks is an effective medium to captivate players through the adventures of the journey while maintaining the game’s momentum. Retro games are an absolute favorite for global gamers, owing to their impressive background score and exciting visuals.


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