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7 Visual Marketing Facts You Need to Know in 2022

We are more drawn toward visual effects than reading the stuff. Then be it Facebook stories on a page, the photos on Instagram, or the videos that a business posts on its website. In simple terms, we are visual creatures, and anything that’s beautiful or eye-catching will immediately capture our attention. Here are some Visual Marketing Facts to keep in mind!

There is no doubt that the popularity of visual marketing tactics has grown with every passing day. And even beginners can easily guess the reason for that: today, people lead fast-paced lives and they rarely can spare time to sit down and read an article or blog. However, in terms of time-saving, video and other visuals have no rivals.

Visual Marketing Facts

Here are some necessary Visual Marketing Facts that you must read! Have a look!

Instant Eye-Catcher

Images and visuals are more catchy than the context in written form. The same is applicable in the case of running a business as well, as customers are drawn towards the branding of the company rather than the description shared in written form. Anything of visual nature – an image, video, infographics, etc. – will capture their attention much quicker and with more impact than plain boring words. And when you get their attention, then you can count on them reading the embedded text as well.

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Understandably, it takes more time and resources to create visual content, if compared to text, but you can streamline your business processes by using professional tools such as Facebook cover maker by VistaCreate which will save much of your time and efforts. Also, you can find tons of pre-made templates for other social media platforms as well as diverse photo editing settings if you feel like doing visuals fully yourself.

Improved Engagement

Improved Engagement

Visuals come in very handy not only when you need to send out messages to the customer that they will remember for sure, but also in terms of enhancing engagement with the audience. To make sure you make the most of it, you can take the help of social media monitoring tools to gain in-depth insight into who is engaging and interacting with posts and how (by sharing comments, reposting etc.). On top of that, you can use this opportunity to show that your brand has a human face and appreciates the direct interaction with the audience – for example, comment on their pages, reply to their questions, etc.

Triggers Reaction

Nobody would argue that the human brain processes visuals much easier and faster than any other type of content. Moreover, it’s the visuals that are much more likely to evoke strong emotional responses: happiness, confusion, shyness, joyfulness, inspiration, and others. Scientists have an explanation for this phenomenon – visual memory gets encoded at the same place where emotions are processed in the brain. And speaking to human feelings is a successful road to establishing connections, better shaping opinions, and stirring them into action.

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Focus On Problem-Solving Content

Sometimes businesses get so carried away with their own operations, products, and services, that all the content they create is revolving around the brand itself. Such a brand-centered approach is not productive. Instead, try to employ the customer perspective – think of issues and challenges your audience face and how your brand can make their life easier in this regard. And remember not just to tell them, but – importantly – to demonstrate. Utilize visuals to bridge the gap between a product and the actual outcome in the context of your ideal customer’s objectives.

Visuals are a straight shot to long-term memory.

When it comes to marketing, retention is of paramount importance. According to experts, visual content is a perfect solution when you need to leave a long-lasting impression on your customer, and ensure they will remember your brand and product.

Words are processed by our short-term memory, but visuals go directly into long-term memory where they are stored for years to come.

Connect Live

Currently, various social media channels are beginning to introduce the concept of live video, which puts visual content in the spotlight. Presenting the live content gives a wider room for the company to present their idea more lively. It’s a great way to interact and build trust with your target audience, creating transparency that is so much sought today.

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Enhance Your Brand’s Identity

The images or videos that you use in your marketing campaign can and do help deliver a more consistent experience for your customers. This means that you can develop a familiarity with your target audience, which paves the way to loyalty. Whereas all businesses remember the company’s logo, such crucial elements as brand colors, icons, fonts, and graphics are often overlooked, though they have powerful potential to define what makes your brand unique.

Final Comments

If you want to keep abreast of the latest marketing trends, then you need to work on its visual strategies. The facts stated above can help you to build a better brand without any doubt. If you want to make your brand look more appealing, memorable and raise its chances to engage your target audience, then your messaging must include images and video.


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