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Warhammer 40K MTG Spoilers!!

The game takes place in the dark future, where powerful armies clash on many war-torn planets. Looking for some spoilers? Well, here are Warhammer 40K MTG Spoilers for you! Go ahead and be the first ones to know what cards are coming next and much more about the game’s rules below!

Humanity is left alone and beset by threats from the heretic, mutant, and alien. There is no mercy. There is no escape. You must be ready for battle.


You are now a Warhammer enthusiast! There is no better time than now to start your Warhammer hobby. Warhammer hobbyists have access to a wide range of activities and a community. You can build and paint stunning miniature collections or pit them against other armies in thrilling tabletop battles. Or create your own story in the galaxy of the far future. With a wide range of video games, novels, and animations, you can explore the 41st Millennium and an active online community.

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This handy series of How to Play videos can help you get started in the dark future. Once you have mastered the basics, you can go on to learn the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book’s more advanced rules that add strategy and tactics to your games.


You will learn how to move, shoot and charge your units while on the battlefield using the Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules. These rules are the core of the game and can be used to enhance your game.

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There are three Warhammer 40k starter boxes available: the Elite, Recruit, and Command Editions. Each set has been designed to accommodate three levels of experience, including new hobbyists and more experienced players who want to jump in headfirst.

Wizards of the Coast finally revealed the first Warhammer 40k-themed cards for Magic: The Gathering. The Universes beyond product line was announced in February 2021. It will include four standard Commander cards and four collector’s-edition Commander decks. All of these decks are scheduled to be released on Aug. 12. The collaboration with Games Workshop will also include three Secret Lai drops. A few preview cards were also included in the announcement on Twitch.

Warhammer 40K MTG Spoilers – A Look At New Cards!

The new Commander decks will include a mix of new cards and reprints of classic cards with 40K-themed artwork. The decks include Necrondynasties in black, Forces of the Imperium in white, blue, and black, Tyranid Swarm in green, blue, red, and Ruinous Powers.

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Abaddon, the Despoiler (5/5 monster with Trample), was the only Legendary Creature to be revealed. This card also includes the Mark of Chaos Ascendant ability. Depending on how much life your opponents have lost, it adds a cascade to cards. This should allow for many more spells to be triggered.

Wizards’ first is the concept of Collector’s Edition Commander decks. Presenters stated Thursday that the decks would be “fully foiled” with a new “surge foil” treatment for certain cards. Pictures and videos of the new treatment are coming soon.

The squad is another ability that was mentioned during the presentation. This ability allows players to summon duplicates of an Ultramarine-themed creature at the cost of two mana.

This presentation, which lasts 40 minutes, also contains details about Double Masters 2022 (coming on July 8) and Dominaria Uni (coming on Sept. 9). You can view the complete archive on Twitch for more information.

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