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What Does Smd Mean In Text

What is “SMD” refers to in the text? It’s a question that continually puzzles users of text messages, online chatroom users, and users on forums. The meaning of the question, however, isn’t an encouraging sign. “SMD” means “suck my di*k”.

As you’ve probably guessed “SMD” is an insulting slang word, employed to mock others. Its meaning is contingent on the context. One interpretation could be “screw you” If you find something that “sucks di*k” is a sign that you’re “very dangerous”.

However, the meaning behind “SMD” is more extensive than that. If used as an insult to both women and men it’s an invitation to take a knee and give oral favors to the man who is showing his superiority to you. Engaging in oral se* with males is typically thought of as to be a submissive act that is performed to delight the receiver. 

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It is the ability of a physical hold a person and forces them to get down on their knees and force them to perform oral activities that can be enough to demonstrate at minimum physical power and a sense that they are important.

“I believe it’s a tactic to make someone feel like they’re over you” A person who has a username of @Cyborg_Dragon posts on an online forum. “It is an expression of dominance. It’s like they’re trying to show that they are over you. You’re weak. I’m yours” writes another using his username of Trade. “Sucking someone’s di*k implies placing their pleasure above your own. It’s a way to benefit the person who is being taken advantage of. This is basically “I’m more important is the king of the hill” concludes @TheBrainintheJar.

Similar to diverse insults. Consider insults like “cocksucker”, “go suck a one” and “di*ksucker.” Why masculine penis becomes referenced in every offense is because it’s thought of, in the modern world to be the symbol of masculinity, manhood, and the power of a man. The act of submitting to a penis is widely regarded as the supreme way to show submission.

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It is true that sexism is a part of the “SMD” offense. The majority of men will employ it to make fun of men more than women. Men like these would be offended if an insulted person actually fell to his knees and tried to engage in oral se* because regardless of their insult, they don’t consider themselves homosexual. In reality, the goal of “SMD” can be used to implicitly label the other victim as homosexual, as the person who is engaged in se* through oral means, in their opinion, cannot be a man at all, and consequently “weaker”.

For women, but to a woman, “SMD” could be a request and not an insult. The word is usually followed by the question mark.

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There you are An outline of exactly what “SMD” is in the context of texting. Ah, the delights of text-speak.

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