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What Episode Does Naruto Die?? Everything You Need To Know!!

Fans have witnessed Naruto develop from a young boy to becoming a Hokage. They watched Naruto fight and make his way through numerous opponents and situations believed to be fatal. But do you know “What episode does Naruto Die?”

After achieving his desire to become one of the most powerful people on earth, It appears that his story is coming to an end.

Thanks to Boruto’s release Boruto we get the chance to see his story unfold and watch his children write their tales.

From the beginning, his death was speculated about, and many are worried that the worst is already coming. Let’s have a look at what episode does Naruto Die?

What Episode Does Naruto Die? Does Naruto die in Boruto?

What Episode Does Naruto Die

Naruto Uzumaki isn’t dead, but he is likely to end up dying in Boruto in the next episode; it’s just the question of the date at which he will die. Based on Kawaki’s comments in the opening episode and the fact that Naruto Uzumaki is no longer the main protagonist, Naruto’s chances of remaining alive at the end of the story have been reduced quite a bit.

Because Boruto is a Shonen series, the characters will slowly become stronger and, sooner or later, they will outdo the previous generation.

To achieve this, writers need to find a way to inspire the characters to become stronger and offer ample opportunities to grow.

Naruto’s demise will be an event that can achieve both. It’ll give Boruto the motivation to become bigger, i.e., to defend his family members and to take revenge for his father’s murder and build up tensions between the two of them. Kawaki.

Another reason why Naruto is likely to die is that his character hurts his son of his, believed to be the leading character.

Boruto will only be the main character if the most powerful, i.e., Naruto, is removed or dies.

Although the idea of using his death as a way to get power appears a little smug and could anger the supporters, it’s been practiced for quite a while.

Naruto Sasuke’s power was born by the sacrifices of loved characters like Jiraiya and Itachi.

To refocus interest on the current generation and moderate power levels, the authors are likely to kill or seal Naruto. They then use it to make his demise a pivotal moment in the plot.

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How Do Naruto Die?

How Do Naruto Die

To help his son, village, and the whole world, Naruto would sacrifice his life to fight Isshiki.

But, right when Kurama’s power was failing, Kurama revealed that he was hiding a form that could allow him to achieve success. However, with this incredible power came a higher price.

Naruto transformed into a previously un-seen Nine-Tails-like form within the Boruto manga, and he died as a punishment.

Although Kurama stated that the Hokage would die if he used this new power, many fans are wondering if any magic or plot armor could come to his aid.

Naruto is not going to be killed during Naruto’s final chapter of the Boruto manga and is particularly not under the control of Isshiki. In the opening chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, it was stated that the Hokage was going to suffer in defeat under the sway of Kawaki.

This signifies that the moment for Naruto to pass away hasn’t yet arrived, and the odds of his survival are extremely high.

Additionally, Naruto is quite tenacious. Even though he is weaker in his abilities, he’s managed to keep his strength up and survive even if he doesn’t defeat his foes. When he last fought against Isshiki and again avoided death, it’s not unusual for him to win the same thing again.

Overall there is plenty of evidence that supports Naruto being alive. With the required power for a shinobi and someone as powerful as Kawaki committed to protecting Naruto and his family, he’s relatively secure from the threat of death. The only serious threat to his existence that’s identified is Code; however, since Kawaki and Boruto are getting control and mastery of their respective skills, Naruto has far less to worry about.

Kurama’s death impacted fans just as much as Naruto, which is why it’s only natural that people were concerned. With Kurama even suggesting that Baryon Mode could take out Naruto or both at the moment, viewers were probably prepared for what could happen.

Wrapping Up:

Fortunately, Kurama was a sneaky animal and told the truth. He sacrificed his life so that Naruto could live on, and it doesn’t look as if that’s going to change anytime shortly.

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