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What Happened To Beth In The Walking Dead

What episode does Beth die in The Walking Dead? Let’s find out together.

In the midst of The Walking Dead is about to enter its 11th and final season, fans are getting nostalgic about the previous seasons. There are certain scenes or scenes that are sure to remain forever in our memory when we watch the show. One of these is the passing of Beth Greene, played by Emily Kinney.

In the second season, Beth was introduced to viewers after Rick’s team came to Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) farm. Beth is the younger of Greene’s two daughters, and the other is Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Beth can be a person whose fans have a split opinion however her death touched the hearts of fans who weren’t a fan of this character.

At just 16 years old, Beth struggled with the new reality she was in, particularly after her family was able to come to accept they were dying, deadly dangerous, and had no cure.


The Walking Dead Coda

In the fourth season, Beth is kidnapped and transferred in season four to Grady Memorial Hospital. She is reunited with the group of survivors including Dawn Lerner (Christine Woods) who is the director of the hospital. Beth has been treated for medical issues, and Dawn says she has a debt to them. Beth is Beth trying to pay off the debt and learning details about her new house.

Beth meets Noah and they develop quickly a close friendship. They come up with a plan to escape from the wrath of Dawn, but only Noah is able to accomplish this successfully. This leaves Beth at the mercy of Dawn’s anger. After this, Carol is brought in on a stretcher. Beth realizes she must ensure Carol gets the treatment she needs to be able to endure.

In the show Coda, Rick arranges for Beth to be exchanged for Dawn’s officers he is holding hostage. After the exchange is completed, Dawn then states she would like Noah to be returned as well. Noah was the person who is the one to lead Rick and his team to Beth. This upsets Beth as she realizes it was always Dawn’s intention. She cuts her with scissors and Dawn is shot accidentally by Beth. In either case, Daryl shoots Dawn without even a second’s hesitation.


It was a shocking and sudden death. Its reactions from Daryl and Maggie could have brought even the most jaded Beth who was a hater to tears.

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