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What Happened To Charmaine’s Baby In Virgin River

‘Virgin River’: Will Charmaine Have Her Twins in Season 4? Let’s find out in the article below!

Netflix’s Virgin River focuses on the inhabitants of a tiny town in Northern California. The moment Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse from Los Angeles moves to town the entire world changes. Mel quickly meets the bar owner of the town, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), and leaves his hairstylist friend Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) to spend time with her.

However, things drastically changed as Charmaine revealed she was expecting twins named Jack at the end of season 1. Is she going to have twins by season four?

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What is the reason Charmaine is still pregnant with “Virgin River”?

Virgin River viewers were not thrilled about Charmaine however, she’s reported to have the longest pregnancies on the planet, having been pregnant in seasons 2 and 3 but not showing. Charmaine will be only in the second trimester of her first trimester, and the fans are upset because there are only three weeks of the time difference in the series.

“Getting caught up in Virgin River season 3. …. and Charmaine is pregnant as of now,” one person tweeted. Alongside the longest pregnant woman on TV There has been significant debate about what the dad of the twins is. Charmaine has confirmed to Jack that she is the twins’ father. But she and her new attorney husband Todd (Patrick Sabongui) are doing everything they can to restrict her parental rights to Jack, which is to be highly suspicious.

Additionally, there have been speculations that Jack isn’t a parent to the twins. This is in line with the character Robyn Carr wrote about in her novels.

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Will Charmaine have twins with her in season 4?

Since Charmaine has been married for a second time and fighting Jack for custody rights, fans are begging her to bring twins into the season. But, Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney has already told fans to expect an important revelation regarding Charmaine and the twins in the coming weeks.

She revealed to her readers at Entertainment Weekly that in the fourth season of Virgin River there will be a major explosion for Charmaine which will “blow everybody away.”

It’s also looking grim for Jack in the area of custody, however, fans are being advised not to give up hope. “They are in California, there’s no contesting custody if you can prove paternity (simple DNA done even before babies are born),” one Redditor has said via the Express. 

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Why are they discussing a year’s worth of court battles and the thousands of dollars that were spent? In California is quite clear, If you’re the father you are entitled to 50% custody (unless it is proven you’re untruthful) and you are obligated to support your child.”

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