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What Happened To Chester In The Show Them

The “Baby Scene” in ‘Them’ Has Viewers of the Show Very Disturbed. Are you curious about what happened to Chester In The Show Them? Let’s find out together!

Amazon isn’t a novice to creating an array of truly shocking content anyone who’s seen the latest show like The Boys can confirm that. It’s quite bizarre to imagine that a company that began by selling college textbooks at incredibly cheap prices could be one of the biggest and most powerful media companies worldwide. Them is one of these shows viewers have been utterly shocked by the events that took place to the baby of the series.

What Happened To Chester In The Show Them

Beware: The following description is not only full of some spoilers about this program but it also contains extremely graphic information that is read with caution and at your own risk.

One Of Them’s most questioned areas is why the chest that bears The initials C.E. on it is such an important piece of Lucky’s possession. We find out that their initials actually refer to Lucky’s baby son: Chester Emory.

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The reason Chester was killed remains an unanswered question throughout the majority of the show, but viewers are aware that the circumstances that led to the death of the baby were certainly tragic. This is because, as Them’s story progresses we discover that their state of mind of Lucky becomes increasingly part of the show’s “thesis” so to speak as Episode 5 reveals perhaps the darkest moment in her life that is the cause of her sorrow.

Episode 5 starts with a flashback of the Emory family’s lives in North Carolina. We witness a woman walk into the Emory home and sing “Black Joe.” She calls Lucky and wants to know if she could meet her son who is. After the request is made, we find that their home is in the midst of several men, prompting Lucky to flee in the hope of protecting her son.

Lucky is held captive by men who gang-raped her while the woman who sings “Black Joe” finds Chester and wraps him in a blanket. The child is then tossed in a tizzy between males who are threatening Lucky and she is left to watch her child suffer as she suffers the consequences of the violent incident.

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The rest of the show revolves around Lucky’s mental condition and Henry’s pleas to move the family into Compton to start a new lifestyle.

The episodes of episode 7 of “Them” has people wondering what occurred to the infant boy.

In the story, the family plans to leave Compton after the mysterious events within the house that are excessive for them to endure, as do the incidents of suburban racism they cannot avoid. It is during this desperate getaway that the inside of the C.E. chest is exposed to The remains of Lucky’s son Chester.

Henry releases an emo scream that is heard inside the house. It is so loud that his family members hear the sound. Henry emerges from the house with Chester’s body. When he inquires of Lucky the reason she dug out his body and carried him to her chest, she says she had no idea how she could leave him behind.

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The shocking news results in Lucky being sent to the psychiatric ward, and her family members questioning whether she was the one who did cause harm to Chester.

But, subsequent episodes show that this isn’t actually the case and Lucky ends up escaping the prison where she’s confined and she and her family do justice for their racial neighbors, who just keep making their lives miserable.

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