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What Happened To Coach In New Girl

Through the entire run in New Girl, Coach was an ever-present presence, even though there was no way to be present on the show after he mysteriously disappeared twice. Do you know What Happened To Coach In New Girl? Let’s find out below.

The moment that Jessica Day ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend in the first episode of the show, New Girl in the first episode, she was left searching for an apartment to live in and eventually moved into the home of three other guys: Schmidt, Nick, and Coach. 

However, Coach was suddenly gone from the show when the second episode was on the air. The changes that follow a pilot usually occur in a new show however, this one was quite a surprise because Coach was definitely a central character.

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Jess experienced a difficult experience in the pilot episode. In her job as a school teacher, Jess got home one day to discover that her lover, Spencer, cheating on her. It was the natural decision to quit the relationship and while this was the best choice, it also caused as many issues as it resolved. Jess lived in the same house as Spencer during the period, and the end of the relationship made her homeless and without a place to leave.

Jess took a risk and responded to the Craigslist advertisement, a decision that may not always go in the best way. That’s the way Jess came across three of the guys who would eventually become her closest acquaintances. In Nick’s case, Nick the three of them would develop an even deeper bond. One of the three roommates is Coach his arc throughout the entire series was very distinct from that of the other characters.

Ernie “Coach” Tagliaboo was a personal trainer and a former health instructor who resided with Schmidt and Nick. Together, the trio interviewed Jess as she was looking for a new house. They moved in together in the pilot episode but by episode 2 Coach was gone, and replaced at the apartment by an ex-basketball player named Winston Bishop. The reason on-screen was that Coach had moved into the apartment with his girlfriend Malia.

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Behind the scenes, there was another reason behind Coach’s exile. Coaching was played by hilarious and talented Damon Wayans Jr. At the time that the pilot for New Girl was being produced, Wayans Jr. was in the show Happy Endings, which he had no expectation to renew for season 2. If the show Happy Endings did get renewed Damon Wayans Jr. was forced to quit the show New Girl to go back to New Girl.

Happy Endingsone of the most entertaining and least-rated sitcoms of all time. The show ended following Season 3 and as dreadful as it was, the closure of the series allowed Wayans Jr. to go back to the show as a New Girl. Coach made a comeback during Season 3, becoming a permanent part of the cast. Again, the reason for this was due to the girlfriend of Coach Malia however their breakup this time led to Coach being able to return to the life of Jess and the rest of the cast.

The entire situation became more complex as Coach quit being an ongoing series character at the conclusion of Season 4 specifically since he only appeared in sporadic episodes throughout Seasons 5 and 7 and was frequently in the news. His absence was justification for Coach making the move from New York to New York with his new partner. After the conclusion of the show, it was becoming extremely difficult to keep track of Coach’s daily activities and goings.

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