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What Happened To Derek In Euphoria

Euphoria season two introduces Cal Jacobs’ high school crush, Derek. But no one knows What Happened To Derek In Euphoria over the many years that passed after their first romance?

Euphoria season 2 explores Cal Jacobs’ backstory, telling us that he was in a relationship with his close friend Derek at the time of high school, but a series of events caused them to be separated. The show’s effort to make viewers feel for Cal introduced one of its most tragic and difficult love stories. 

Cal is introduced in his teenage times as a young high school wrestler with an intense bond with his best buddy Derek however, it’s soon discovered that Cal has more than a friendship with his partner in wrestling. It seems like Derek is a fan of Cal’s However, in the end, they have a romantic kiss in the local bar, which alters things for the better.

The fact that Euphoria is the only gay love story of Euphoria for one man who is an infamous predator in the current timeline of the show is an intriguing choice however, viewers have been enthralled regardless. Following Derek and Cal’s encounter in bars, Cal wakes up the next day to a call from Marcia who changes his life for the better when she announces she’s pregnant. 

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To date, Rue and Jules have been happy the greatest couple however, the breakup between Derek and Cal and the implications this means to their father, the Jacob clan patriarch could have major consequences for the plot on the screen. There is doubt, however, Derek’s fate is not clear.

What did happen to Derek? Euphoria Season 2 is yet to answer the question, even in the week’s Cal-centric story. Cal’s mental state can give hints about Derek’s fate since it is entirely possible that his anger could have been triggered by the possibility Derek was able to accept his identity in a way that Derek was able to accept his identity in a manner that Cal did not. 

The show hasn’t revealed Derek’s return yet. Derek means that this may be a storyline that hasn’t been revisited in quite a several months, much like the way Derek’s third Jacobs child has been largely neglected in the absence of fans of Euphoria.

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While there are no clues as to Derek’s fate, a clue that Cal’s ex-love has left is revealed in the most recent installment of Euphoria. Cal is back at the place in which Derek and Derek were first able to kiss and, while he imagines an edgy Derek present with him It’s merely a fantasy of a sort. This could mean that Derek has left this point in his life and, for some reason, hasn’t been able to see Cal for a long time.

If Euphoria will revisit the romance between Cal and Derek isn’t clear however it is certainly possible. Given the show’s fascination with Cal and Derek, it’s likely that we haven’t seen the last actor Eric Dane, despite his break up at the end of the finale of Euphoria season 2. 

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Since Cal being on his alone, it’s likely that Cal tries to reconcile himself with Derek or perhaps re-visit the past in an attempt to recreate the love of his younger years. In light of the fact that Cal is among Euphoria’s most unlikeable characters, should Cal does end up being a victim the chances are that it will not be a good thing for Jacobs. Jacobs patriarch.

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