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What Happened To Eddie In Kickin It

Are you also wondering What Happened to Eddie in Kickin’ It? Let’s find out together below! The Disney channel’s “Kickin’ it” is an example of a kid’s show with a rousing and engaging yet humorous story. Its storyline, which focused on two student-athletes, had an interesting, engaging narrative that wasn’t seen as common in the year 2011.

It’s been quite a while since the final episode of the kids’ drama aired, which was in 2015 however, its legacy lives in the present.

It didn’t take an adolescent to fall in admiration for the program. The creators did an amazing job that the young, as well as old, watched their televisions for four years. The ratings of the show were consistently through the mark almost all of the seasons.

Wasabi Warriors Wasabi Warriors comprised a team of students who were trying to save their school from extinction. The show’s main focus was on martial arts, however, the show also featured various other aspects of school life such as bullying, girls’ parties, socializing, you name it.


Who Is Eddie Jones?

Eddie Jones, the chubby and brown-skinned child from the group, is the warmest and sweetest person in the group. He loves being called the woman’s man, despite not having much luck with women. Eddie is extremely passionate about karate. Evidently, he is more than his peers. A large part of this is because Eddie’s social circle isn’t quite as lively as the other guys in the group.

He’s somewhat of an introvert and keeps his appearance low for the most part. But, he’s distinct because of his passion for Karate, his devotion to his family, and his talent for music.

In the beginning, Eddie’s mom would have him enroll in Mrs. King’s Dance Academy, but he does not want to go, saying that his body isn’t suited well for Mambo.


Instead, he enrolls in his local Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy where he takes self-defense and karate lessons. People enjoyed watching him socialize with his buddies, work on his karate abilities, attempt to make girls notice him, bond with his mother, and much more.

It’s hard to believe it was Alex Jones (Eddie’s real name) who was almost not able to be able to make it to the audition at all. The flight he was on was delayed by three hours. In normal circumstances, the fact that he was late for an audition would mean no chance of being on the show. However, the talented performer was able to impress the producers with what they could expect should they choose to hire him, which they did.

Why Did He Leave The Show?

“Kicking It” was on the air for four seasons, from 2011 until the year 2015. Unfortunately, Eddie was only in two seasons. He was not present for the majority of season two’s episodes.


According to the show’s creators, this talented television actor has left the United States for England to help his mother. Alex was born in Birmingham and was on his journey into America. The United States to film Kicking It.

Family is clearly an enormous amount for him. This is why He gave him an amazing opportunity to support his family members.

The web is also brimming with rumors that claim Alex was ejected from the show. Evidently, his ratings had dropped because he was not as flexible as other team members.

He and Disney XD has since confirmed the validity of this claim or not. Therefore, at this time it’s safe to claim that this is an unsubstantiated assertion.

Where are Eddie these days?

In 2014, Eddie returned to the US to pursue his studies. He was accepted into The University of Alabama to pursue his studies. There, he was the manager of Blaze Radio. This is all we know about Alex’s location.


The TV star took an entirely different path than the other “Kicking it”mates. The group includes Jason Earles (who played Rudy Gillespie, Dylan Riley (who was Milton Krupnick), Olivia Holt (who was Kim Crawford), Mateo Arias (who was Jerry Martinez), and Leo Howard (who played Jack Brewer) continued to appear in a variety of parts in Hollywood.

The actors are grown-ups today. Olivia Holt turned 25 in the month of August 2020. She was just 16 when the show Kicking It first aired. Dylan Riley even got married in the year 2019 to his long-time lover Allisyn Ashley Arm (she played the lead on the show, Sonny, with a Chance).

Eddie Jones was a beloved actor in the hit show Kicking It. He was charming, funny, and relaxed. He was a great teammate in a remarkable way. Jones might not be living in Hollywood as his fellow cast members from the show, but we’re sure he’s performing great as an individual.


He’s sadly not active in social networks, meaning the fans aren’t able to follow him the way they would like to. It is possible that he could come back to Hollywood in the near future. days.

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