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What Happened To Ellie In You

In the three-season finale of You which is now available on Netflix Many people who love the serial killer show are left looking for the story of one of their favorite actors from Season Two: teenage Ellie Alves (as played by Jenna Ortega). What Happened To Ellie In You? Let’s find out!

The second season followed everyone’s favorite criminal, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) when he left the location of his first murders located in New York and fled to Los Angeles to start a new life. He chose to go under his identity Will Bettelheim so as not to be found out by his former girlfriend Candace (who was able to survive his attempt to kill him).

When Joe was not thinking about his most recent ‘You’ the chef Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), he was still reluctantly meeting his new neighbors, Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado) and her 15-year-old sister Ellie.

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It’s Ellie who instructs Joe on how to create real social media accounts – essential for a city such as LA obviously and Joe becomes her guardian when Joe learns that Ellie is a friend of comedian Henderson who he believes to be a sexual predator that has abused Delilah (no prizes for guessing that Henderson will not last long after Joe learns about that).

Dangerously, Joe’s short romance with Delilah ends with jealousy killing her and leaving Ellie to her own devices.

What Happened To Ellie In You?

When Love confesses to killing Delilah She reveals to Joe that she is planning to escape murder. She intends to stage her death as suicide, and then indict Ellie for Henderson’s murder . even as the Quinn family lawyers will get the case dismissed, which could result in Ellie could be taken into Child Protective Services.

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In the end, Joe goes to find Ellie and informs her that Delilah has passed away. He then sends her off using the money he’s taken out of Quinn’s business safe. Quinn’s business is safe, to begin an entirely new life in Florida before she’s removed (we know that she makes it there safe as Joe receives a letter from her at the end of season 2).

Although we don’t meet Ellie during the final season it’s evident that she’s a part of Joe’s world. Joe continues to pay her in secret and sells rare books he’s stealing from libraries for money instead of taking Love’s money, to ensure that Quinn’s family isn’t able to find her.

When asked to confirm if Ellie will return for season four the show’s runner Sera Gamble said to the Hollywood Reporter: “I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. Ellie is still living with Joe. He’s sent her money. He isn’t happy but he’s making money. This means that the door is open to us.”

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Star actress Jenna Ortega, who plays Ellie and will soon appear in the upcoming Scream film, has suggested that she’d love to be back on the show. “I love that [You] set,” she said to Cosmopolitan in April of this year. “The team that is behind it, the writers are hilarious and funny as well as just to be able to work alongside Penn Badgley again. I had an amazing experience there that if they’d like to bring me returning, I’m willing to poke fun at Joe for the second time.”

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