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What Happened To Florida In 2025

‘Alexa, What Will Happen to Florida in 2025?’

Alexa, I’m curious, how can you forecast the future?

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa predicted that Miami could be completely destroyed by a hurricane by 2025.


The video was posted in the month of May 2021. A YouTube video was uploaded on TikTok, which purportedly showed Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant making a terrifying and precise prediction of the future event which will be taking to Miami, Florida.

The video was watched over 16 million times and features TikTok. The user Jon Buckhouse asked his Alexa-enabled device, “what will happen to Florida in 2025?” Alexa replies: “On Sept. 4, 2025, around 3.08 p.m., Florida will be struck by a Category 5 hurricane that will have winds up to 200 miles/hour. Miami will be totally destroyed.”

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If you ask Alexa an inquiry like this, the device will usually browse the web ( Alexa’s search engine is powered by Bing) to provide an answer. We were asking Alexa, “What will happen to Florida in 2025,” it brought up an article in The Capital Gazette about the possibility of a medical shortage. However, there are other possibilities. If we had asked the same question to Siri, the artificial assistant of Apple, we were shown an article in the news about changes in the climate and the possibility for a portion that comprises South Florida to be underwater in 2025. The article was not Alexa making predictions or forecasting the future. Alexa was looking on the internet for pertinent information related to our query.

What was the method by which this video was developed? We’re not certain of the method Buckhouse employs to create these videos, but the TikTok account is filled with similar videos, which allegedly demonstrate Alexa anticipating the future. In a recent video, the Amazon device predicts the prediction that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will soon become president.

However, one chance is the creator uses “Alexa Blueprints.” This device, which was introduced in the year 2018, lets users personalize responses to certain questions. For instance, you could program Alexa to provide a specific answer to your personal question like “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Also, you can program Alexa to appear to “predict” future events.


Tech Crunch in 2018: that in the year 2018:

Although Amazon’s voice assistant gained a range of capabilities through the years, it hasn’t yet been able to forecast the future. However, it has been able to customize responses.

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