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What Happened To Forty In You

The brother of Love Forty is featured in the show’s third episode But what did he do to him in the second season? What happened to Forty from the Netflix film thriller You? Let’s find out below.

The Netflix thriller You has a new twist in its third season when it is revealed that the murderous Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) is sending text messages to Forty’s cell phone.

As Love is now married to serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and they are parenting their child Henry in idyllic Northern California’s Madre Linda, a town in Northern California. Madre Linda, it seems Love has to share her secrets with her husband the only problem is that he isn’t able to respond to her messages because he’s dead.

As fans of You will remember, Joe met Love in Los Angeles in season two and became obsessed with her, but was less enamored with her twin brother Forty (James Scully), an aspiring writer/producer/director with addiction problems who managed the family grocery business Anavrin, where both Love and Joe worked.

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Joe and Forty eventually became close friends, and Forty even admitted to Joe that as a teen, he killed and blacked out his au pair who was previously drugged and nearly physically assaulted him. The relationship between the two pals took unsettling turns, however, they were able to make a connection when Forty took Joe to a trance-like night with LSD, and their bond was made more complicated after Forty started to believe Joe might have killed the body of his New York girlfriend Beck.

What was the fate of Forty?

In the show’s final season two Joe realized that Love was as dangerous as he was. she murdered both his former girlfriend Candace and Joe’s neighbor Delilah.

She also admitted to having killed her au pair Sofia. However, Joe prevented himself from killing Love after she revealed to him that she was pregnant with her baby.

But, Forty was now convinced that Joe was the one who killed Beck after an appointment with Dr. Nicky in prison. She was wrongly sentenced to prison for her murder, and Forty decided to confront Joe in Anavrin with an assault weapon.

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He slung the gun over Joe’s head and was furious when Love attempted to save Joe and revealed that he knew for a long time in the past that it was Love who killed their au pair.

But in spite of Love’s pleas, Forty refused to take the gun off and was shot dead by a police officer Fincher as he arrived at the scene.

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